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What happened to Kakarot after he died anyway? Did he reincarnate straight away? Was he sent to heaven? Baby kakarot had done literally nothing wrong, so they can't send him to hell. Even if he was planning to eradicate an entire planet. Right? And he's like, a baby.

What even happens to people in heaven? Do they stay there for ever. Do they reincarnate? Do they grow up? Is Kakarotto still a baby in heaven?

Also you gotta give mad respects to Haarp for grinning so audacitily at the gate of judgement. He's totaly unafraid. And he's standing in front of the guy who decides his fate.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/01/2019 22:07:43   
Chewys 26

Hehehe, that's a great question.
I guess his soul reincarnated, since he hadn't really lived. So, if i was Emma Sama, i would totally give that soul a second chance, from the start
About the good guys: having done everything right in life (much like Buda), they can enjoy eternity in heaven (like Happy souls for ever).

Haarp... he really does it his way

Chewys 11/01/2019 22:42:51   

Does that mean Gohan stays an old man forever... xD
I mean, great for Tien, Krillin and CHiaotzu, but Gohans...

Well Tien always did have Budha vibes with that third eye of his. It's fitting really.

Haarp is just awesome =D

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/02/2019 11:07:12   
Rafael955 2

Probably reincarnated right away in some random planet, he was just a baby.

Rafael955 11/04/2019 15:19:27   
HyperSonic_1985 2

Sins Haarp is there too with his body will that mean he will train with them to battle the Saiyans?
Will that mean Haarp will end up turn good like Piccolo did in canon?

HyperSonic_1985 11/02/2019 10:45:46   

He has to get permission by enma, so let's see how that goes first.
Besides, there's a big difference between Haarp and Piccolo. Haarp doesn't have a life link with Kami. They have no obligation to bring him back if he dies against the Saiyans.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 11/02/2019 10:56:19   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

It wouldn't be a totally bad idea to bring back Haarp. The Z-Fighters are more than enought to handle his current power level, and far outnumber him. Besides, Haarp is different than Piccolo's other offspring, or even Piccolo Jr. Haarp simply wants to rule his own territory without interference.

Ultimate-Perfection 11/03/2019 03:23:30   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 9

I think Haarp kept his body because he really wasn't all that evil. He just wanted his father back and when he failed that he lived a good life on Earth ruling a small nation instead of committing acts of evil and trying to take over the world like his father did.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 11/03/2019 02:33:55   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

YES!!! Haarp is back, after three chapters! I thought we would never see him again. Chewys, you absolute maniac I wonder what his role will be here?

Poor Raditz, he never gets off easy... I'm also surprised Goz and Mez are stronger than Raditz in this universe. In the U18 filler, I think Goku was able to best the both of them in strength and speed.

Ultimate-Perfection 11/03/2019 03:18:22   
kcheeb 2

raditz here doesnt even have his body so goz / mez dont need to be stronger than him

kcheeb 11/03/2019 06:42:12   
Chewys 26

Well, Raditz might be stronger than them... but here he doesn't even have a body

Chewys 11/03/2019 20:38:28   
Jason Phoenix 7

YES!! "A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one"
Good seeing Haarp again, these guys need all the help they can get, let's be honest.

Jason Phoenix 11/03/2019 14:52:15   
kcheeb 2

how those females keep their body? they seem shallow superficial bitches, anything but kind

kcheeb 11/05/2019 09:38:51   
Chewys 26

Next page answers that

Also they don't get to keep anything yet. They are being judged

Chewys 11/05/2019 11:23:51   
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