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Krillin is the mvp of this fight.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 01/21/2021 20:06:30   
Chewys 27


Chewys 01/21/2021 21:50:06   
Ultimate-Perfection 9

It's about Krillin had his time to shine! I always loved Krillin's evolution from early Dragon Ball and into early Dragon Ball Z.

He was originally egotistical, jealous and selfish as a kid, yet had low self-esteem due to the other monks bullying him at the Orin Temple. To see Krillin change into a competent adult who excels far above any human is awesome to see.

Tien had his time to shine in the Piccolo Sagas, and now Krillin is in the limelight in the Saiyan Sagas. Soon Yamcha will get his own turn when he eventually becomes an android!

Ultimate-Perfection 01/25/2021 03:33:14   
Cattivone 3

Krilin is usually remembered as "the guy rhat dies often", but I agree, he's much more than that.
I love the story if this universe, in canon DB earthlings gradually faded until they become conpletely useless, but there are so many interesting characters...

Cattivone 01/25/2021 13:39:30   
alain57 3

why didn't he use solar flare to allow all of them to attack at the same time with their most powerfull attacks :p
that way kiwi will be ended for sure ;p

alain57 01/23/2021 11:44:34   
DivinusRex 1

The others would also be affected by the solar flare

DivinusRex 01/24/2021 10:49:35   
alain57 3

but they all know that they need to close eyes, whereas kiwi don't ^^

alain57 01/25/2021 23:48:45   
RegiFist 2

That was a genius utilization of Krilin's Ki control technique.

RegiFist 01/25/2021 09:02:05   
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