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Damn it Yamcha! Be discreet when you give people magical medicine!
You might as well shout "attack me" at Kiwi.
Or worse, Kiwi could try to steal them from you.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 12/27/2020 16:06:07   
Chewys 27

Silly Yamcha

Chewys 12/27/2020 16:15:41   

Kami is going to sew his mouth shut when this is over.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 12/27/2020 16:36:51   
Cattivone 3

Kiwi must have felt it.
But this is far from over I guess... maybe a triple kaioh ken can put an end to the fight, but only if someone is strong enough to perform it.

Cattivone 01/12/2021 10:08:11   
Ultimate-Perfection 9

The Z-Fighters have been doing fairly well so far. They have dealt a good bit of damage to Kiwi, with only one man down currently (Tien).

While they’re still outclassed individually, Kaioken x2 helps boost them enough to lessen the power gap between Kiwi and still manage to maintain their stamina and not damage their bodies further.

The fact they have the advantage in numbers shows that the Z-Fighters are doing well despite being weaker than Goku was in canon. Poor Goku had to fight Vegeta all by himself and use Kaioken x4, wrecking his stamina as well as his body. I don’t think the will happen here!

They are faring much better than they did against Raditz, who was nearly 4 times stronger than everyone. Kiwi is only 1.5 times stronger with them at a PL of 12,000.

You’re right though, since they still have Vegeta to contend with.

Ultimate-Perfection 01/12/2021 19:23:13   
DivinusRex 1

This is basically a dungeon instance fight.

Tien : Tank/damage dealer

Krillin,Popo,Son of Picollo Damage dealers

Yamcha : Healer

Kui : Dungeon boss

DivinusRex 01/12/2021 16:22:52   
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