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Step 1: Give the senzu beans to the weakes member of the group, who doesn't know the kaioken and cant defend himself.

Step 2: Draw as much attention as possible to yourself when you are giving people these senzu beans, so the enemy is sure to notice them.

Step 3:?

Step 4: Profit.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 01/21/2021 20:11:59   
Chewys 27

Well... He was the only one not fighting. So you'd think the senzus were safe with him!!!
What kind of Raid Boss attacks a healer????

Chewys 01/21/2021 22:01:00   

Clearly the etiquette of proper battle is lost on Kiwi xD
Sneaky bastard.

Well... Frieza did kill Dende the moment he noticed Dende was the healer.
Cell stole the senzu beans casually from Krillin.
Then again, Gohan stole them casually back, so I guess it evens out.

But it's not step 1 that's the issue here. Step 2 is the real issue. Yamcha screaming for Tien to eat a senzu bean is what tipped Kiwi off

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 01/21/2021 22:12:25   
Chewys 27

Don't be so cold Boom. He got scared!! Tien was dying!! He is an emotional guy

Chewys 01/21/2021 22:20:22   
Chewys 27

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Thank you for everything!!!

Chewys 01/25/2021 16:53:50   
MicSre 1

1.Kiwi will heavy injure Yamsha
2.Kiwi will steal Senzu
3.Kiwi will give Senzu to Vegeta
4.Vegeta will kill Kiwi

At the end Vegeta will fight with Tien and perhaps will die from common attack of all team members.

MicSre 01/30/2021 11:18:50   
Jason Phoenix 9

So, say he gives a senzu to Vegeta, would he get to the level he is after reaching Namek? You know, the one he one-shot Kiwi and also murdered Dedoria with? Because that would be bad. Especially with an Oozaru on top of that.

Jason Phoenix 01/30/2021 14:08:32   
Chewys 27

Oh, Kami, that would be terrible!

Chewys 01/30/2021 14:28:44   
ebilly 1

If Vegeta gets a bean won't his power lvl be 2400? And a monster 240,000 at Oozaru. That's almost powerful enough to take down first form frieza.

ebilly 01/30/2021 15:29:27   
JoKar1007 3

So... free zenkai boost to Vegeta? Damn, if he returns as strong as he was when he killed Dodoria AND as an Ozaru, yeah you guys are screwd.

JoKar1007 01/30/2021 18:26:45   
alain57 3

is kiwi really planning to steal the beans to restore HIS energy and vegeta's one ?!?
is this alien really so silly ???
didn't he know that saayen receive zenkai boost ?
I mean he for sure must have noticed that vegeta was nearly as strong as him, or as strong but was surprised....

Does he really think that the guy he nearly tried to killed before will save his ass ?

man vegeta is right, kiwi is really like a fish... he forgot stuff quite fast

alain57 01/31/2021 21:44:08   
Chewys 27


Chewys 02/01/2021 15:42:25   
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