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Jason Phoenix 9

insert Roundabout here
Ok so, everyone is dead now. But, good news, it's the first time they died so the dargon bawls can bring them back. Except for Golan... and Chiautzu... Well, the point is, after a bit of training, I'm sure they'll be able to handle Raditz. Now Vegeta might be a problem...

Jason Phoenix 09/07/2019 14:50:11   
Rafael955 2

Krillin noooo!!! So end of chapter. Now my guess is that Raditz is gonna try to escape now because there is no way for Kame and Kami to win now by themselves and Raditz is now in no condition to fight, escaping is his only chance to live after an injury like that, then either he'll come back later with Vegeta and Nappa or Vegeta is gonna kill him because he lost to "weaklings".

Rafael955 09/07/2019 15:36:44   

But why wait a year? The earthlings need time to travel to King Kai's planet, train and revive. Raditz has won. Roshi can't stand up and Kami's face planted in a mountain somewhere. Even if he retreats now, he'll only need 14 days to reach a healing facility. (thats how long it took Vegeta) Heal, mayby receive a zenkai. Take another 14 days to return. And slaughter the earthlings with his new power up.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/07/2019 15:51:51   
Rafael955 2

Well, Raditz is with the same injure Zarbon had on Universe 8 DBM special and he has almost no energy left, he can't keep fighting like that, he must go back to his ship and place his body in suspended animation, Kame is weak but he could still give Raditz a fight, same for Kami who could still use some weard magic, the smart move would be to retreat now.

Rafael955 09/07/2019 16:23:47   
kcheeb 3

you no understand what he said?

raditz would no go back to vegeta/nappa, theyre too far away! he will just go to nearest frieza owned planet to heal up and come back one week later.

kcheeb 09/07/2019 22:38:10   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 11

I actually don't see why he has to even come back in the first place. The reason he came was to get Kakarot, so there'd be a 4th Saiyan to join the mission to capture Planet Helior for The Cooler Corps (I like to call Cooler's forces this since it follows the repeating letter in the initials like Frieza Forces does). Honestly I think it's likely that he'd go to heal on a Cooler Planet [i(it doesn't make sense that Cooler would keep planets named after his brother that he killed)[/i] and then go meet Vegeta and Nappa, so they can figure out a new means of trying to complete that mission.

I think it's likely they'd train as much as they could to get strong enough to take on the mission. The U13 Special did seem to show that that mission was given a long time to be allowed to be completed since Raditz trained Kakarot for like 6 months or a year to be ready for it. This means that likely they'll have to hope that the 3 of them training non-stop until they absolutely don't have anymore time to train cuz they need to complete the mission within the allotted time given to them by Lord Cooler. I honestly don't think they'd have enough time to train to be strong enough to complete the mission and they'd die in the process of attempting to complete the mission. After all in U13, they only completed it thanks to Kakarot being there and due to the idea he had about the mini-Blutz-lamp implants in the eyes. I believe there is a U19 Novel where the Heliorites actually defeated Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz cuz those three weren't enough to take down the Heliorites. So if those 3 died to the Heliorites in U19 cuz they weren't enough, I'd imagine the same would be true in U9.

It's possible that the ones that died here are trained in Other World by King Kai until they fully master the Kaioken and maybe the Spirit Bomb too (if any of them are pure good hearted enough to learn it) and then get revived by the DBs. They then continue training for years just in case the Saiyans or any other greater threats from space come to Earth and the next time such a threat comes is when the Cooler Corps come to try to conquer Earth.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 09/08/2019 12:02:45   

I think Raditz is petty enough to come back after healing on one of Coolers planets. After all Vegeta wanted to go back to earth to kill Goku before he learned Freeza was heading for Namek.

Honestly It's a matter of pride and ego I think. Nappa and Vegeta would definitely want to kill the earthings if they had lost. I don't know what Raditz will do but I doubt he wants "the humiliation" in Vegeta and Nappa's eyes of "losing to some rats on a backwater planet", he can't stand being seen as a weakling.

As for the training thing, Raditz only trained because Kakarott was there to motivate him to attack Helior with him alone. I doubt he will do that now, but he may get a zenkai.

Nappa and Vegeta are incredibly arrogant, they probably don't think they need to train to beat Helior (which in u 19 led to their deaths)

Also Vegeta was killed by Zarbon in u19, not by the heliots, Vegeta pulled an "enemy mine" with the Heliots like he did with the earthlins in u18, honestly he did quite well for himself.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/08/2019 13:15:45   

The great Raditz has won! Tremble and behold earhtlings! Your saviors are dead!
Can't wait to see where this goes, fantastic twist Chewys!

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/07/2019 15:54:43   
shmike 1

I love how not one of them this entire fight figured out the scouter is their biggest enemy.

shmike 09/07/2019 16:27:26   
Ultimate-Perfection 10

Additionally, the Earthlings' lack of knowledge of the Saiyan's tail being their weakness doomed them as well. Raditz would have been toast if one of them managed to catch him off guard and grab his tail.

Ultimate-Perfection 09/08/2019 20:25:19   
Atan 3

Well, I knew Krilin would eventually die, because he knows Kaio-ken (Kaio what?!). But I thought that he would have somehow killed Raditz shortly before. What is going to happen now? And why the Kienzan always fail? (expect vs poor Sauzer)

Atan 09/07/2019 19:19:32   
kcheeb 3

yamcha will reappear and finish off raditz, but he will get heavily injured and turned into cyborg by dr gero

kcheeb 09/07/2019 22:39:02   
Faloon 2

@Chewys I need to ask you, the literal translation of the Japanese manga of the DragonBalls states that "The Dragon can not grant the same wish twice." So the Dragon CAN revive people more than one time IF the wish is worded specifically like "Revive all those that Raditz/Cell/Freezer etc. killed".

Will this impact the story you wish to say, because, the official material gives you leanway to get Chiaotzu and other dead people in the land of the living again.

Faloon 09/08/2019 11:53:03   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 11

I don't think it's meant to be interpreted so literally as to have such loopholes. Actually I know it doesn't work that way because when they wish to revive all those killed by Dr Gero and his creations back to life (or Cell killed [can't recall if they worded it to include those Gero & 19 killed on Amenbo Island]) it excludes Goku because Goku was already revived. They even then try to bring back Goku using a separate wish and Shenron says it can't be done since Goku has already been revived once by his power.

Now it might be possible that Namek gets mentioned somewhere down the line by one of the Cooler Corps (I prefer calling them this instead of Cooler Forces since it sticks with the repeating initials that Frieza Forces has) and it's with enough time for a trip to Namek to revive Chiaotzu and anyone who has already died once before.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 09/08/2019 12:11:11   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 11

Wait does this mean that my prediction about Raditz technically winning this fight actually came true? It looks like it. As I've said in another comment here, I think it's likely that Raditz doesn't come back as he only came to get Kakarot for the Helior Mission and he unfortunately still needs to meet up with Vegeta and Nappa to take on that mission where they'll almost certainly die because in U19, the 3 tried to take on the mission alone and died and in U13 where they had Kakarot helping them, they only barely managed to succeed thanks to him and Raditz training together and Kakarot coming up with the idea for the mini Blutz wave lamps.

So after training with King Kai long enough to learn all they can from him, it's likely they'll be revived by the DBs and continue training on Earth in case Raditz &/or his friends ever come. The next time they then face a threat would be when Cooler decides it's time to clear out Earth to be sold to the highest bidder and sends some of his forces to Earth only to be easily eradicated by Earth's mightiest forces. It's then likely it's a game of him sending stronger and stronger Cooler Corps members until he finally realizes that these Earthlings have done enough damage to his PTO organization and decides to finish them off himself.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 09/08/2019 12:08:30   

Come on man, Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz dying on Helior?

First of all this story is about the earthlings solving their problems without Goku. Having 3 important antagoinists die on a planet that's not even in canon would naratively speaking be very bad writing.

Secondly as I stated before, Raditz will likely either come back, or be told by Vegeta he has "fucked up enough" and stay away.

Thirdly, as soon as the dragon balls are mentioned, Helior's out of the picture.

Fourthly, Krillin mentioned to Goku in DBM that he knows Vegeta"

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/08/2019 13:27:44   
عمار 1

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK said:Come on man, Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz dying on Helior?

Lol! that's how they died in U19 XD

عمار 09/08/2019 21:04:22   

Yes, in the helior universe. But having them die there in this universe would be bad writing. The earthlings have to face their problems and overcome them without Goku.

A universe where every major threat is dealt with by other forces wouldn't be interesting. The earthlings have to take center stage here!

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/08/2019 21:39:11   
Chewys 29

I'm glad you enjoyed this so far.
Raditz is an amazing foe and he deserved to show what he was capable of.
He is a saiyan and brother of Son Goku. His fault was his arrogance, and that's why he didn't improve much. But he is a skilled warrior. He was a saiyan after all.

Chewys 09/08/2019 15:09:59   
Yienzu 4

Chewys said:I'm glad you enjoyed this so far.
Raditz is an amazing foe and he deserved to show what he was capable of.
He is a saiyan and brother of Son Goku. His fault was his arrogance, and that's why he didn't improve much. But he is a skilled warrior. He was a saiyan after all.

He really did deserve much more than he got. Very glad to see the humans have to use teamwork and still have everything wind up not quite finishing him just like the fight vs Vegeta on Earth. These Saiyans just keep getting back up!! Here's hoping the remaining few can scrape together a win! Come on Roshi, Yamcha, and Kami!

Yienzu 09/08/2019 19:14:05   
Cell3 4

I didn't expect raditz had enough energy left to kill Krilin after being injured.

Maybe Kami is still strong enough to finish an injured Raditz.

Cell3 09/08/2019 15:18:01   
Chewys 29

He draw energy from his rage

Chewys 09/08/2019 15:47:55   
Ultimate-Perfection 10

WOW, what a huge cliffhanger to end on! Haarp, Chiaotzu, Tien, Gohan, Popo, and Krillin are all dead; Yamcha is unconscious; Kami is still buried underneath rubble; and Roshi can't even stand up.

Raditz is worn out and damaged, but nowhere as badly as Vegeta was when he left Earth in U18. Would he even dare leave Earth without completing Kakarot's mission? Vegeta and Nappa won't tolerate his cowardice from running from fighters with power levels less than 1000.

Kami should survive, so that means the Dragon Balls will be active long enough for at least Krillin, Tien and Mr. Popo to be wished back to life after training with King Kai.

Ultimate-Perfection 09/08/2019 20:43:27   

Popo training with King Kai? Now this I've got to see

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 09/08/2019 21:36:51   
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