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Faloon 1

So Roshi and Krilling are going to die and Yamcha is going to be so much injured that he will be abducted and turned into Android.

Thanks for continuing this Chewys, after the DISSAPOINTING way DBZ Multiverse handled this universe, you are our only hope.

Faloon 07/06/2019 17:21:06   
Jason Phoenix 6

While I also am not that content with that chapter in particular keep in mind that it's only one chapter. And besides there being the possibility of more in the future remember this one in specific was super chaotic to them, one better organized should make up for it

Jason Phoenix 07/06/2019 20:09:53   
Chewys 26

Yeah, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover. The chapter had many problems during the makingP, but i liked the story... i would have loved to see more development of the Dragon Ball search, or more development of the flashback parts... both together were problematic...

But there are sure a lot more chapters incoming and i'm eager to read them

Chewys 07/07/2019 18:55:34   
Jason Phoenix 6

Did... did the turtle fly all the way here? And more importantly, is that THE turtle?

Jason Phoenix 07/06/2019 20:11:30   
Chewys 26

It's Gamera as a baby... which turtle do you refer to? And of course he flew all the way!!

Chewys 07/07/2019 18:56:39   
Jason Phoenix 6

This might sound very "Only saw Z, who dat", but I was referring to the turtle in Z. The one in Kame House

Jason Phoenix 07/08/2019 23:31:19   
Chewys 26

Ahhh, hehehe..nono, that turtle stayed at Kame House drinking caipirinha!

Chewys 07/09/2019 01:56:08   
John Boredonquixote 8

I love that the grandpa Gohan's death is off-screen. It's a complex directorial technique, this absence underlines subtly the sadness and loss we feel about the death and adds dramatic weight in a unique way. Your artistic sense is maturing Chewys, BRAVO This page is among your best, dare I say it is equal with Ch. 10, P. 14

John Boredonquixote 07/06/2019 20:20:07   
Chewys 26

Thanks John... Gohan can't be revived anymore with Earth's Dragon Balls... so his death is kind of a deal...

Chewys 07/07/2019 18:57:51   
Cell3 2

Roshi will use the mafuba.

Cell3 07/07/2019 22:08:23   
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