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Raditz is racking up a killcount here,

in u 18 he only killed farmer with a shotgun and goku through mutual self destruction.

Here hes killed tien, chiaotzu, cool dictator guy, and now gohan, with yamcha exhausted and master roshi and krillin haven't even arrived yet.

Talk about upping his game.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 06/15/2019 15:04:45   
Chewys 26

He also got farmer with shot gun uppon his arrival...

Chewys 06/15/2019 15:18:51   
Falkrum 2

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK said:Raditz is racking up a killcount here

They must die to get stronger! I love the idea of they facing Nappa and Vegeta alone after a hard hard training with Kaio with no Goku button to save the day.

Falkrum 06/15/2019 22:36:50   
Supersavage789 1

It’s weird
Like gohan saying how they’ve come so far is kinda like Chewys saying look how far we’ve gotten in this fan manga of a fan manga
I hope that when gohan dies it’s very emotional personally I find it cool gohan’s gonna die on his own accord like goku does

Supersavage789 06/15/2019 16:30:46   
Yienzu 2

Aww he wound up being Grandpa Gohan here afterall. Love it!
I wonder what the trick is here, will he power it up to a super kamehameha once its being blocked? Or can he swap to a mafuba at the last second? So intense!

Yienzu 06/15/2019 18:50:47   
saigne-crapaud 1

he may be able to control his wave and may hit him in the neck like goku did agst piccolo if i remember well, or use the smoke from the block to make a moove,
but definitly not a super kamehameha i would say :p

saigne-crapaud 06/15/2019 23:28:11   
Yienzu 2

Using the smoke of the block to then mafuba would be possible too. Def going to do something tricksy that will self-sacrifice to complete!

Yienzu 06/17/2019 08:07:37   
Ultimate-Perfection 5

"It was wonderful being 'Grandpa Gohan'."
"We have come such a long way."

Geez, Chewys! You sure know how to hit me right in the feels. I really like this page. It's sort of a reference to how long Gohan has survived, when in other universes, he never lives past the start of Dragon Ball due to accidentally being killed by Goku in his Oozaru form.

Your sacrifice will not be in vain, Gohan!

Ultimate-Perfection 06/15/2019 21:13:16   
Rafael955 1

This is probably a fake kamehameha and actually a Mafuba

Rafael955 06/16/2019 00:03:00   
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