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Cattivone 1

Ok, so Yamcha will drive the Sokidan back to Radish face and hit him.
But... after that? Even Krilin's shot at full power didn't even slow down him, I still don't believe in an happy ending here.

OT: this is my first comment here after a couple of months lurking in background. Amazing job, guys.

Cattivone 07/23/2019 10:32:47   
Chewys 26

Welcome!! Thanks for the comment!!!

Chewys 07/23/2019 12:16:01   

Kami and Popo should pop out (thanks to the Holy Carpet which allows them to teleport around the globe) and shoot their best ki blast at Radish. The 2 of them might even kill him.

MATTIA IL DIVINO 07/23/2019 12:00:30   
Chewys 26

That carpet is a seruiously underestimated item in the original DB...

Chewys 07/23/2019 12:15:30   
Jason Phoenix 6

Ok wow, kicking a ki ball/ki blast is actually really cool. Imagine if instead of "looking at it very hard", Jiren actually kicked the spirit bomb back? (SSXU did it first, but whatevs)

Jason Phoenix 07/23/2019 12:03:13   
Chewys 26

Don't watch Super... just the manga... and i don't remember Jiren being tossed a Spirit Bomb

Chewys 07/23/2019 12:20:22   
Faloon 1

The anime and manga of Super are different entities, as a matter of fact, the anime is the canon in this case and the manga accomodates it.

Faloon 07/23/2019 14:07:08   
Jason Phoenix 6

I actually think the anime and manga are pretty equal, but I will say I prefer the anime's Tournament of Power. I't be cool to discuss this, if you'd allow it in the comments that is.

Jason Phoenix 07/24/2019 10:45:59   
Chewys 26

Well, of course!! It's all Dragon Ball isn't it?
I personally enjoy most of the manga stuff.
But i truly regret the idea of the God ssj , it's like ssj now is the most common thing in the Universe... every lowbie is now stronger than a ssj.
I stopped watching the anime right after ir started the whole Golden Freezer thing again... i got bored.
The manga keeps it more fresh... but it's true the tournament of Power felt reaaaally rushed

Chewys 07/24/2019 15:44:57   
Jason Phoenix 6

It's actually a shame you stopped watching after the Resurrection F Arc, because after that the anime started getting much better. The Universe 6 tournament was pretty interesting for both media, even though I liked the idea of the red haired God Form returning in the magna, I also loved the Kaioken's comeback in the anime.

In regards to comparing both the manga and anime, I think they are equally good, with one exception...
I completely agree with the idea that the ToP was rushed in the manga. The Battle Royale between Gods of Destruction and a little bit more character development for Jiren were good, of course, but to me it didn't make up for the fact that we got almost nothing out of every other universe. While reading, I'll admit I missed Toppo screaming "Justice Flash" every ten minutes because he did almost nothing in the manga... Krillin, Tien and Roshi were booted out like they were nothing as well. The only one who somehow did good in there I feel was Gohan.

Jason Phoenix 07/24/2019 19:44:07   
Chewys 26

Well... i didn't even finished Golden Freezer... heck, barely started it.
Of course i watched other episodes here and there... but just couldn't get hooked.

The part of Black i loved in the manga. And u6 tournament was really exiting too.
The tournament of Power and Moro now didn't get me really exited...
I also liked a lot Broly's movie... the thing is i just have the feeling that power levels are all mixed up and the whole thing just gets going because yes.

I surely enjoy the manga, but just not as much as other fan mangas like DBM or DB Ex.
And i thank a lot new movies like Broly's one.

Chewys 07/24/2019 21:28:13   
Ultimate-Perfection 5

I really like the first panel! I noticed that Raditz's body is taken from U13's Kakarotto in DBM in the fight against U18 Pan. It fits well here! Nicely done, Chewys

I'm expecting either two things to happen:
Yamcha retakes control of his Sokidan and throws it back at Raditz,
Yamcha has completely lost control over the Sokidan, and Raditz just sent it right towards Roshi!

But wait! I thought of a cool way for Roshi to attack Raditz! He should use the Thunder Shock Surprise Attack (Lightning Flash Surprise Attack in the English Dub), the same technique he used against Goku in the 21st Budokai right before he turned into an Oozaru/Great Ape!

Ultimate-Perfection 07/24/2019 04:51:02   
Chewys 26

Yep, this fight escalated far from what i was hoping for... Raditz is pretty unstoppable at this point. But i'm running out of Raditz's manga parts for this fight.... and i don't want to repeat images... so, i started using other bodies with armor (last page punching and defending against roshi was Nappa's :P)

Chewys 07/24/2019 14:35:35   
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