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Ouroboros 28

Ofcourse he dares, even a tame dog pressed enough will eventually bite.
And Tien is no tame dog, silly monkey.

Ouroboros 04/11/2019 10:48:38   
luca1 6

Common Tien - one Ki blast and he's done - if Picollo could do it so can you

luca1 04/11/2019 11:12:09   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Oh no, Chiaotzu! Is he dead again? If so, then that honestly doesn't surprise me much. He seems to be one of the more "fragile" Z-Fighters. Though I did not expect him to be taken out in such a brutal way! Even Haarp was given a more merciful death from Raditz by being incinerated. I can understand why Universe 9 has such an extreme prejudice against the Saiyans.

Tien is on the ropes right now. His best course of action is to either find a weak point in Raditz's defenses and hit him directly with a Tri-Beam, or just hold out on the defensive until Krillin and Yamcha arrive to help him out.

Ultimate-Perfection 04/11/2019 16:35:30   
Ultimate-Perfection 11


Ultimate-Perfection 04/11/2019 16:35:30   
Cell3 4


Cell3 04/12/2019 20:46:03   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




Author :

Team : , , , ,

Translation by : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Type : manga

Genre : Action

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