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Jason Phoenix 9

Getting some flashbacks here...

Jason Phoenix 04/20/2019 10:37:06   
Chewys 29

Chiaotzu is like a rag doll

Chewys 04/21/2019 01:52:02   
Yienzu 4


Looks like he's stopped himself from hitting the ground at least! Go team!

Yienzu 04/21/2019 18:17:05   
Chewys 29

He's bouncig

Chewys 04/21/2019 19:00:55   
Yienzu 4

Ah! Poor Chiaotzu The arms straight out fooled me!
Well at least he wasn't just disintegrated!

Yienzu 04/22/2019 19:57:04   
Ultimate-Perfection 10

Oh man, it looks like Chiaotzu will have to be resurrected by the Namekian Dragon Balls, since he was already killed by King Piccolo and can't be wished back by Shenron! Tien is going to let Raditz have it now! Maybe Tien will get so angry and put all of his life energy into his Kikoho, just like he did against Nappa in DBZ.

Ultimate-Perfection 04/22/2019 01:46:09   
Yienzu 4

I always hated that they accomplished nothing on Nappa with the self destruct and kikoho. Feel like the self destruct shouldve destroyed the armor and the kikoho shouldve incapacitated nappa so that Vegeta had to finish off the team to show just how far above Nappa he was.
Ah well, definitely no way Raditz could survive what Nappa did, particularly not if Tien has both hands!

Yienzu 04/22/2019 19:58:23   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




Author :

Team : , , , ,

Translation by : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Type : manga

Genre : Action

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