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True romance comics and love story : all our romance comics and manga.

Comics and mangas with original language: English

Giving Smiles Away

Romance by Nana Henn

Rank: 137, Points: 100

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 23

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Nana Henn!


Do It Yourself!


Rank: 152, Points: 96

Updated: 12Sep Pages: 123

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work...


Almost a Real Story

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 210, Points: 82

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 5

A nice quirky skit with a bit of a twist ending.


Black Ring

Romance by Kalumis

Rank: 217, Points: 80

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 52

A rendez-vous 15years later for two kids



Romance by Rennakins

Rank: 271, Points: 68

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 21

This is a comic about twelve high school kids who play baseball and do things that high school kids are wont to do... like...


Comics and manga translated into: English


Romance by Monsieur To

Rank: 51, Points: 136

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 29

The story takes place in a high school where the narrator decides to return willing to renovate the painting of his memories...


The Boy from Salida

Romance by moriyama

Rank: 54, Points: 135

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 79

A story with slight touches of fantasy, set in the fictional kingdom of Salida, which shares many traits in common with the...


Mythes et Légendes

Romance by Miss-M

Rank: 58, Points: 133

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 41

Haruka is a girl that, in her dreams, embodies legendary creatures. This amuses her until the day she is hit by a car....


The Cat and the Zodiac...

Romance by muu

Rank: 75, Points: 122

Updated: 31May Pages: 46

Yet another manga based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac, written and drawn by the author of "yorodu-yoshi", who hopes you...



Romance by Jack Sugar

Rank: 94, Points: 113

Updated: 24Oct Pages: 16

"We don't fear to say "I love you". We fear to don't hear it back"

Jonathan is a teenager in love with a girl but he doesn't...


Caput Mortuum

Romance by hoshimaro

Rank: 95, Points: 113

Updated: 12May Pages: 72

The story of two sisters and the bonds that tie them together even beyond this world.


Until her last breath

Romance by AkimoriAkahana

Rank: 98, Points: 112

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 7

Nothing lasts forever...

I want to become THE BEST MANGAKA in the world!
Current Residence: Russia //
Favourite style of...


Be responsible! 責任とってね!


Rank: 115, Points: 107

Updated: 26Apr Pages: 34

Romance between two manga artists.


Cupidon Boy

Romance by Adou Fisch

Rank: 119, Points: 106

Updated: 4Mar Pages: 53

Rey, a shy and effeminate teenager, finally decids to become a real man. The first day of school, he declares his love to...


Yuuki of the Willow


Rank: 148, Points: 97

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

The beginning of the story of a bishonen yokai named Yuuki



Romance by Yeniel

Rank: 149, Points: 97

Updated: 28Dec Pages: 124

The story of an ancient fairy, pursued and killed, who reborn in our time.

Hello it's me, Yeniel ! Never very good at...


Moon Chronicles

Romance by ivy-mitsuno

Rank: 192, Points: 86

Updated: 22May Pages: 97

As all the fairy tales, this one begin with a princess in a tower...



Romance by NINONetRIIE

Rank: 195, Points: 85

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 5

The crazy story of four high school students... They have completely different tastes and interests but they are all connected...


Love Story


Rank: 200, Points: 84

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 2

Ongoing episodic series told in single page one-shots by Stanislav Shepin


Love Luna

Romance by AngelCelestial

Rank: 231, Points: 75

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 66

Angel is a girl with a rare disease which causes nightmares: what comes in her dreams is her past. So she will finally...


Go!Go!Go! Felicity

Romance by ligia.zanella

Rank: 285, Points: 66

Updated: 16Aug Pages: 4

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by ligia.zanella!


Simple Love

Romance by Freakazoid

Rank: 292, Points: 66

Updated: 17Jun Pages: 37

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Freakazoid!



Romance by CrashBoomBang

Rank: 303, Points: 57

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 9

She is a little girl with the wonderful gift of finding fourleaf clovers in every meadow. But somehow this always leads to...



Romance by Michaël

Rank: 304, Points: 57

Updated: 2Aug Pages: 9

Viquie young Métis 17 years, undermined by loneliness, and very desperate after his father died in an earthquake, tried...


Comics and Manga available in other language


Romance by Tomo

Rank: 66, Points: 75

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 21


Romance by Nowaki

Rank: 105, Points: 131

Updated: 3May Pages: 180

Sólo una historia


Rank: 277, Points: 59

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 9

Vampire + Dreamer...

Romance by al3s5a

Rank: 297, Points: 41

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 63


Romance by miku2828

Rank: 22, Points: 162

Updated: 7Feb Pages: 144


Romance by cynthia

Rank: 24, Points: 135

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 55

Sigma Pi

Romance by Quadrinize, yumimoony

Rank: 52, Points: 98

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 33


Romance by Darius

Rank: 62, Points: 130

Updated: 25May Pages: 328


Romance by marycagnin

Rank: 64, Points: 88

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 10


Romance by manboou

Rank: 66, Points: 147

Updated: 18h00 Pages: 120

Love is Blind

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 69, Points: 73

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 12

Como tudo começou

Romance by Eliezer França

Rank: 82, Points: 76

Pages: 12

El refugio olvidado


Rank: 101, Points: 108

Finished comics Pages: 12


Romance by Elen'lu

Rank: 115, Points: 125

Updated: 14Oct Pages: 69


Romance by mykilow

Rank: 149, Points: 116

Updated: 22Sep Pages: 141

Je t'aime...Moi non...

Romance by Vanou Titiyou

Rank: 157, Points: 114

Updated: 17Oct Pages: 229

Cut Off

Romance by didizuka

Rank: 163, Points: 112

Finished comics Pages: 262

Bird Love

Romance by Alyson.P

Rank: 180, Points: 108

Finished comics Pages: 242

Only Two - Sex&Nude

Romance by Jérôme

Rank: 199, Points: 106

Updated: 3Jan Pages: 22

Eikyû no kokoro

Romance by LasBloom

Rank: 236, Points: 71

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 19

Game of Love

Romance by Groumpfouh

Rank: 246, Points: 99

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 11


Romance by LittleEndian

Rank: 247, Points: 99

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 1

Atardecer de Miel en...

Romance by Sunchan

Rank: 253, Points: 68

Updated: 29Mar Pages: 32

Secret music

Romance by Jay.

Rank: 259, Points: 97

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 44


Romance by Gagovi

Rank: 267, Points: 62

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 48

CREATURE of the...

Romance by BLACK RAVEN

Rank: 268, Points: 61

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 7

(fantasía heroica)

Romance by verdeagua

Rank: 274, Points: 60

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 26



Rank: 279, Points: 59

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 24

Sweet Momory

Romance by Erisley

Rank: 286, Points: 56

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 10

My personal Star !


Rank: 293, Points: 92

Updated: 21Oct Pages: 14

Mischievous Love

Romance by Mokona

Rank: 301, Points: 90

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 19


Romance by Mzanie

Rank: 341, Points: 84

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 128

The Coquelicots Diaries

Romance by tsubame0613

Rank: 344, Points: 84

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 39


Romance by lolo78014

Rank: 352, Points: 83

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 43

L'amour n'a pas d'âge !

Romance by Asura Hikari

Rank: 359, Points: 82

Finished comics Pages: 68



Rank: 399, Points: 78

Updated: 18Apr Pages: 39

Le Dernier Train


Rank: 416, Points: 77

Finished comics Pages: 43

Lovely Back Ground


Rank: 417, Points: 77

Finished comics Pages: 48


Romance by Rannime-V

Rank: 463, Points: 72

Finished comics Pages: 20

Toi+Jeune !

Romance by Moygoth

Rank: 469, Points: 71

Updated: 29Apr Pages: 24

Selon le Ciel

Romance by Black-plume

Rank: 479, Points: 70

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 32

Une lettre d'amour

Romance by Valtorgun, aiglenoi31

Rank: 493, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 21

Hidden Sky

Romance by Happy-Neko

Rank: 510, Points: 68

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 9

Piano Sound


Rank: 551, Points: 61

Finished comics Pages: 42

Old School


Rank: 569, Points: 56

Finished comics Pages: 42

Bonne chance Betty

Romance by pacy demo

Rank: 578, Points: 54

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 6

Ces choses qui ont un...

Romance by mangakahanna

Rank: 587, Points: 48

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 56

Bad Hearts !

Romance by lalina mangas

Rank: 609, Points: 29

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 18



Rank: 613, Points: 22

Updated: 6Jun Pages: 30


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