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True romance comics and love story : all our romance comics and manga.

Comics and mangas with original language: English

Do It Yourself!


Rank: 94, Points: 116

Updated: 12Sep Pages: 123

Lucas, an interior designer, is sent to live with his aunt to help design her new work space. Unfortunately he has to work...


Giving Smiles Away

Romance by Nana Henn

Rank: 145, Points: 101

Updated: 25Sep Pages: 23

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Nana Henn!


Almost a Real Story

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 204, Points: 88

Updated: 27Feb Pages: 5

A nice quirky skit with a bit of a twist ending.


Black Ring

Romance by Kalumis

Rank: 251, Points: 76

Updated: 26Oct Pages: 52

A rendez-vous 15years later for two kids



Romance by Rennakins

Rank: 287, Points: 70

Updated: 17Sep Pages: 21

This is a comic about twelve high school kids who play baseball and do things that high school kids are wont to do... like...


Comics and manga translated into: English

Mythes et Légendes

Romance by Miss-M

Rank: 46, Points: 143

Updated: 20Jan Pages: 41

Haruka is a girl that, in her dreams, embodies legendary creatures. This amuses her until the day she is hit by a car....



Romance by Monsieur To

Rank: 59, Points: 134

Updated: 17Apr Pages: 29

The story takes place in a high school where the narrator decides to return willing to renovate the painting of his memories...


The Boy from Salida

Romance by moriyama

Rank: 63, Points: 132

Updated: 16Jul Pages: 79

A story with slight touches of fantasy, set in the fictional kingdom of Salida, which shares many traits in common with the...


The Cat and the Zodiac...

Romance by muu

Rank: 73, Points: 127

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 47

Yet another manga based on the animals of the Chinese zodiac, written and drawn by the author of "yorodu-yoshi", who hopes you...



Romance by Yeniel

Rank: 80, Points: 124

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 185

The story of an ancient fairy, pursued and killed, who reborn in our time.

Hello it's me, Yeniel ! Never very good at...


Love Story


Rank: 87, Points: 122

Updated: 13Feb Pages: 2

Ongoing episodic series told in single page one-shots by Stanislav Shepin


Be responsible! 責任とってね!


Rank: 100, Points: 115

Updated: 26Apr Pages: 34

Romance between two manga artists.


Caput Mortuum

Romance by hoshimaro

Rank: 111, Points: 111

Updated: 12May Pages: 72

The story of two sisters and the bonds that tie them together even beyond this world.


Until her last breath

Romance by AkimoriAkahana

Rank: 114, Points: 110

Updated: 27Jan Pages: 7

Nothing lasts forever...

I want to become THE BEST MANGAKA in the world!
Current Residence: Russia //
Favourite style of...


Cupidon Boy

Romance by Adou Fisch

Rank: 118, Points: 109

Updated: 4Mar Pages: 53

Rey, a shy and effeminate teenager, finally decids to become a real man. The first day of school, he declares his love to...


Yuuki of the Willow


Rank: 141, Points: 102

Updated: 9Jul Pages: 15

The beginning of the story of a bishonen yokai named Yuuki


Un Amor Imposible

Romance by Estrellamireia

Rank: 173, Points: 96

Updated: 7Jun Pages: 20

Mireia, a girl of 17, discovers in her room a door that she had never seen before. Within it lies another world, a world...


Moon Chronicles

Romance by ivy-mitsuno

Rank: 216, Points: 85

Updated: 31Dec Pages: 102

As all the fairy tales, this one begin with a princess in a tower...



Romance by Jack Sugar

Rank: 233, Points: 81

Updated: yest. Pages: 52

"We don't fear to say "I love you". We fear to don't hear it back"

Jonathan is a teenager in love with a girl but he doesn't...



Romance by NINONetRIIE

Rank: 234, Points: 80

Updated: 19Feb Pages: 5

The crazy story of four high school students... They have completely different tastes and interests but they are all connected...


Love Luna

Romance by AngelCelestial

Rank: 235, Points: 80

Updated: 23Mar Pages: 66

Angel is a girl with a rare disease which causes nightmares: what comes in her dreams is her past. So she will finally...


Go!Go!Go! Felicity

Romance by ligia.zanella

Rank: 275, Points: 72

Updated: 8Feb Pages: 7

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by ligia.zanella!


Simple Love

Romance by Freakazoid

Rank: 279, Points: 71

Finished comics Pages: 37

Discover this great Romance, manga illustrated by Freakazoid!



Romance by Michaël

Rank: 325, Points: 58

Updated: 2Aug Pages: 9

Viquie young Métis 17 years, undermined by loneliness, and very desperate after his father died in an earthquake, tried...



Romance by CrashBoomBang

Rank: 329, Points: 56

Updated: 15Jun Pages: 9

She is a little girl with the wonderful gift of finding fourleaf clovers in every meadow. But somehow this always leads to...


Comics and Manga available in other language


Romance by Tomo

Rank: 67, Points: 79

Updated: 28Mar Pages: 21


Romance by Nowaki

Rank: 102, Points: 127

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 182

Sólo una historia


Rank: 281, Points: 65

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 9

Vampire + Dreamer...

Romance by al3s5a

Rank: 293, Points: 60

Updated: 13Jan Pages: 63

Sigma Pi

Romance by yumimoony, Quadrinize

Rank: 10, Points: 173

Updated: 6Mar Pages: 33

17 ans

Romance by manboou

Rank: 15, Points: 179

Updated: 30Jul Pages: 22


Romance by miku2828

Rank: 22, Points: 175

Updated: 15Jan Pages: 148


Romance by cynthia

Rank: 31, Points: 119

Updated: 14Feb Pages: 55



Rank: 39, Points: 155

Updated: 1Jul Pages: 361

Love is Blind

Romance by Doctr Mur

Rank: 62, Points: 83

Updated: 26Jan Pages: 12


Romance by marycagnin

Rank: 62, Points: 97

Updated: 26Feb Pages: 10


Romance by Darius

Rank: 64, Points: 128

Updated: 25May Pages: 328

Como tudo começou

Romance by Eliezer França

Rank: 75, Points: 85

Pages: 12


Romance by Elen'lu

Rank: 97, Points: 129

Updated: 18May Pages: 86

El refugio olvidado


Rank: 104, Points: 111

Finished comics Pages: 12


Romance by tampopoeiki

Rank: 108, Points: 125

Updated: 22Jul Pages: 50

Color of the Heart

Romance by Shizuka

Rank: 135, Points: 117

Updated: 12h00 Pages: 20

Real change


Rank: 151, Points: 114

Updated: 22Jul Pages: 14


Romance by mykilow

Rank: 174, Points: 110

Updated: 15Jul Pages: 147

My personal Star !


Rank: 189, Points: 107

Updated: 28Jul Pages: 31

Je t'aime...Moi non...

Romance by Vanou Titiyou

Rank: 197, Points: 106

Updated: 25May Pages: 246

Bird Love


Rank: 210, Points: 104

Finished comics Pages: 242

Cut Off

Romance by didizuka

Rank: 215, Points: 102

Finished comics Pages: 262

Only Two - Sex&Nude

Romance by Jérôme

Rank: 220, Points: 102

Updated: 3Jan Pages: 22

Eikyû no kokoro

Romance by LasBloom

Rank: 234, Points: 76

Updated: 5Mar Pages: 19

Game of Love

Romance by Groumpfouh

Rank: 245, Points: 99

Updated: 3Feb Pages: 11


Romance by LittleEndian

Rank: 274, Points: 96

Updated: 22Apr Pages: 1

CREATURE of the...

Romance by BLACK RAVEN

Rank: 278, Points: 66

Updated: 30Jun Pages: 7

(fantasía heroica)

Romance by verdeagua

Rank: 279, Points: 66

Updated: 28Jan Pages: 26


Romance by Gagovi

Rank: 280, Points: 66

Updated: 20Apr Pages: 48



Rank: 283, Points: 64

Updated: 1Sep Pages: 24

Secret music

Romance by Jay.

Rank: 285, Points: 95

Updated: 11Jul Pages: 44

Sweet Momory

Romance by Erisley

Rank: 286, Points: 63

Updated: 12Mar Pages: 10

Mischievous Love

Romance by Mokona

Rank: 318, Points: 89

Updated: 12Dec Pages: 19


Romance by Wakusei

Rank: 322, Points: 88

Updated: 31Jul Pages: 10


Romance by Momonem

Rank: 339, Points: 85

Updated: 20Mar Pages: 6

Charybde et Scylla

Romance by Cleo25a7

Rank: 371, Points: 82

Updated: 8Jun Pages: 10


Romance by Alyson.P

Rank: 379, Points: 82

Updated: 11Jan Pages: 8

The Coquelicots Diaries

Romance by tsubame0613

Rank: 396, Points: 81

Updated: 31Aug Pages: 39

L'amour n'a pas d'âge !

Romance by Asura Hikari

Rank: 413, Points: 79

Finished comics Pages: 68


Romance by lolo78014

Rank: 414, Points: 79

Updated: 9Dec Pages: 43

Lovely Back Ground


Rank: 417, Points: 79

Finished comics Pages: 48


Romance by Mzanie

Rank: 420, Points: 79

Updated: 5Feb Pages: 128

Reality Love


Rank: 428, Points: 77

Finished comics Pages: 30

Le Dernier Train


Rank: 435, Points: 76

Finished comics Pages: 43

Onze nuits

Romance by Elsa Kisiel

Rank: 436, Points: 76

Updated: 15May Pages: 15



Rank: 439, Points: 76

Updated: 30Nov Pages: 42

Toi+Jeune !

Romance by Moygoth

Rank: 490, Points: 71

Updated: 29Apr Pages: 24


Romance by Rannime-V

Rank: 495, Points: 71

Finished comics Pages: 20

Selon le Ciel

Romance by Black-plume

Rank: 512, Points: 70

Updated: 5Jan Pages: 39

Une lettre d'amour

Romance by Valtorgun, aiglenoi31

Rank: 532, Points: 69

Finished comics Pages: 21

Hidden Sky

Romance by Happy-Neko

Rank: 557, Points: 68

Updated: 13Sep Pages: 9


Romance by Zorga

Rank: 607, Points: 62

Updated: 10Mar Pages: 24

Piano Sound


Rank: 609, Points: 61

Finished comics Pages: 42

Old School


Rank: 638, Points: 54

Finished comics Pages: 42

Bonne chance Betty

Romance by pacy demo

Rank: 645, Points: 53

Updated: 1Jan Pages: 6

Ces choses qui ont un...

Romance by mangakahanna

Rank: 654, Points: 48

Updated: 28Jun Pages: 56

Bad Hearts !

Romance by lalina mangas

Rank: 675, Points: 30

Updated: 8Dec Pages: 18



Rank: 680, Points: 22

Updated: 6Jun Pages: 30


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