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Rahvu 7

Well Tien can handle x5 atleast, now the question is will he have to use bigger multipliers..

Rahvu 07/08/2023 19:06:35   
kcheeb 5

So he's at 12 x 5 = 60k? Not too strong, even at 5x he's weaker than namek saga goku

Wasn't his base 7k before entering the chamber? 12k seems bit too small improvement

How's he supposed to deal with cooler? Enter the chamber again?

kcheeb 07/08/2023 20:10:35   

Tien is human. Unlike Goku, he doesn't get to cheat using zenkais.
Regarding Cooler, i assume there are other ways to beat him than pure strength. Like sealing him,

for example. I"d always wanted to see them seal an antagonist, then put the bottle in the HTC. I'd say he lasts about 5 years (outside time=one day=one year) in there before he dies from natural causes.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 07/08/2023 20:53:40   
ImperialWrath 2

Even w/out having zenkai, Tien's base should still be far above 12,000 if he spent an entire day in the HTC.

ImperialWrath 08/07/2023 01:16:12   


This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 08/08/2023 10:23:52   
Yellaninja 2

I was under the impression Tien
was decreasing his base power
on purpose to mask his true power.
But seeing him use Kaio Ken x 5 then
his base firm really must be 12,000.
Even if he was 5,000 before chamber
5 to 12 is just too small. Everyone that
entered chamber in series increased their
power by at least more than 2 x. Piccolo
went from android 17 to being able to some
what hold his own against cell jrs. Vegeta
was weaker the. Android 17 yet after chamber
was easily stronger even without going ascended
super Saiyan. Goku and Gohan were weaker than
Cell second form but after a year were at least
half as strong his perfect form. I just think if Tien
is 5-7 k before chamber he should at least be above
Namek saga Vegeta 24k.

Yellaninja 07/10/2023 05:08:17   
bnkjk 4

Saiyans have zenkai. It's actually a good training for them to destroy their own body. Namekians can regenerate, they can mitigate all negative effects of the room. Also, we have basically no indication he got that much stronger at all. The Cell Jr. are not really an indication of anything, as it's clear they're holding back against everyone but the super saiyans, otherwise Krilin and Yamcha would have died immediately. Piccolo was still standing up, but bleeding from his mouth, which only means he is stronger than Tien but weaker than Trunks and Vegeta, which doesn't mean much.

Tien has none of this, and training Kaioken inside the noxious environment of the room is downright suicidal. It's a wonder he got out of it at all, more than doubling his base power is the icing on the cake.

bnkjk 07/10/2023 10:17:57   
Yellaninja 2

Sorry but I don’t buy into that. You can’t give a zenkai
all the credit for Ginyu Saga Goku. It was largely the
training going from 20 - 100x gravity all in days.
From _ to 90,000 all on a zenkai would make his training
seem useless. If you were to say that for Frieza Saga Goku
of course I agree since everyone knows he went from
90,000 to 3,000,000 from a zenkai.

Even if Tien isn’t a Saiyan he technically isn’t your
typical human either. He has a 3rd eye and can grow
a extra pair of arms out of his back. Something no human
had been shown doing. So I think he would be able to
handle the room and gain a large boost even if he is not
Saiyan. 7 k to 12 k just makes zero sense and a
perfect opportunity missed to have them to jump in levels
without offscreen timekskip plot. I mean 7 to 12 K
that’s already a zenkai in itself power up it’s like Tien
only did a small zenkai boost worth of training.

Piccolo did become much stronger after time chamber.
If we take the anime for example piccolo asked Goku
if he was strong enough to face cell new form. Which Goku
told him no. But the fact piccolo wondered, means he had
surpassed Cell second form. Meaning he was stronger than
Semi Cell but probably still weaker than assj vegeta when he
fought cell.

Piccolo training under 10 x gravity with king kai made him
from weaker to Nappa to someone Nail called strong. And
he didn’t train there for more than a year. So Tien should
be way stronger. Unless the writer gives them a timeskip
big big power boost i don’t see how they beat Cooler unless
they are 400,000 at base and go Kaio Ken x 10 to jump to
4,000,000’ and kill cooler before he transforms since we know
base form cooler is not much stronger than base Goku who
didn’t need Kaio Ken till cooler transformed. So base form cooler
is probably weaker than 4,000,000.

Yellaninja 07/10/2023 23:04:43   
bnkjk 4

Goku got 4 zenkais during the travel. If each of them is x1.5 (which is about equivalent to what we see Vegeta get, and less than the absurd power boosts at the end of the saga), that's a total of *5, going from 8000 to 40,000. Basically, training in x100 gravity at most gave him a x2 power boost. "Only a small zenkai boost worth of training", as you say. Also, 3,000,000 is unofficial and kinda bullshit when you think about it. If Freeza 2nd form is 1M, Freeza 3rd form is 2M and Freeza final (not 100%) is 3M, then Goku going from 90k to 300k and having to use Kaioken x10 to reach 3M is much more sane than the whole "Freeza 100% is 60M" which is supported by nothing, especially not logic or the original manga.

Tien is just a human with three eyes. The four arms is a technique, like the multiform. We never see anything hinting that his metabolism is any different from other humans.

How is Piccolo asking if Goku can beat Perfect Cell any indication that Piccolo himself can beat semi-perfect Cell? It just means he cannot beat Perfect Cell himself, which is obvious.

Someone that Nail can call "strong" doesn't mean "stronger than him", it just means, "stronger than any regular Namekian", which means "more than about 5000", which should be obvious, and doesn't mean much for Kaio's training. You'll notice Piccolo didn't fight anybody before fusing. And about Cooler, I think you're forgetting that there are cyborgs in this universe. In the end, Tien is strong, but the strongest in their universe is definitely Yamcha #17, which is as strong or stronger than #17 in U18. Which means #16 would be as strong as our #16, and mop the floor with Cooler. Even #15 would probably be enough. Don't worry, having Tien be only about 60k in Kaioken doesn't mean the story later will be bad, it just means the story now is better.

bnkjk 07/11/2023 10:51:17   
Yellaninja 2

Goku got a zenkai from hospital senzu bean.
His power went from 8K to 12K. If we say
he got a zenkai 4 times in space that’s 36K increase
If he gets a 6,000 boost every time.
Meaning that he reached 54k from sole
gravity training.

Even without zenkai Tien should have benefit
from training in time chamber for 1 year under 10 x gravity.
Piccolo gained a power up from training on king kai world
which is 10 x gravity faster because he is much stronger
than Goku when he got to kai world.
Piccolo believed himself to be helpful going against
enemies stronger than Vegeta. So I doubt that piccolo
Before he fused with nail is still weaker than 10K.
He probably went from 3,500K to 10K or higher so he
got nearly 3 x boost from gravity training.
I feel if Tien is 5K he should at least 25K - 50K
The time chamber isn’t king kai small planet Tien
Would have more room to train.

There’s a old guide that says Tien got his third eye
from training and there’s also rumors that he’s a cyclops.
So it’s up in here but he’s always been classified as human.

But I’m just saying he doesnt need to be a Saiyan or
Namekian to reach greater heights in power from time chamber.
I don’t think Saiyan bodies are just totally more resistible
to the effects of the chamber. If a Saiyan entered chamber
at 8K and a human entered the chamber at 8K the human
should still be able to handle it same as a Saiyan would.

Yellaninja 07/12/2023 01:36:06   
ImperialWrath 2

I don't think you guys understand how zenkai boosts work. There are generally two things to keep in mind when referencing zenkai. The first (and most important) being Saiyans receive zenkai boosts ONLY if they recover from life-threatening (read, near-fatal) injuries. This was stated multiple times in the manga by Vegeta himself. This means Saiyans would have to receive injuries such as a punctured lung, or broken neck in order for zenkai to take effect. Having a muscle sprain or a sore ligament or a stubbed toe isn't gonna cut it. And Goku only received two such injuries during his gravity training on the way to Namek, even if we account for anime filler. The second part is that the zenkai boost they gain is only as great as the strongest power they were near at the time. As zenkai allow a Saiyan's body to imprint on itself the injuries and/or experiences they learned from it.

Hence why Goku's 3,000,000 power level isn't really bullshit, because during the whole time he was healing, he was sensing the increasing battle power of all 3 of Freeza's transformations, Vegeta's two zenkai boosts, and Piccolo's post-fusion power w/ Nail. So his body was literally adjusting itself to those powers. Plus, Toriyama himself gave the 3,000,000 number for Goku. Also, Nail's exact words were that Piccolo was stronger than anyone who's power he'd sensed so far, meaning including the Ginyu force. As for him not fighting anybody before fusing, that's not a legitimate point simply because there was literally no one around for him to fight aside from Freeza and perhaps, Vegeta. With regards to the cyborgs, for one they exist in just about every universe. And secondly, the cyborgs are also enemies of Tien, so that doesn't make him safer. Ultimately, this is supposed to be a universe where the human fighters are supposed to be defending the Earth themselves, not relying on others to do it for them.

At the end of the day, there's simply no justification for having Tien go from 7,000 to 12,000 after spending 1 day/year in the HTC. It's simply shortchanging him as a potential defender of Earth, the same as was done to Yamcha & Roshi after training w/ Kami, where both of them should've been higher than 4,000, or at the very least Yamcha should have.

ImperialWrath 08/07/2023 02:41:28   
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