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Yellaninja 2

Great page. Things are getting good. Tien being claimed the
strongest “Man” in the world makes sense, there is no Goku here so the
title would’ve gone to Tien or Krillin, Haarp isn’t a man he is a demon.
But Tien power level is 12,000 ? That must be because he is lowering
his power lv on purpose right ? 12,000 x 5 is 60,000. So even if he isn’t
lowering his power, a x5 Kaio Ken would
Be enough to beat ginyu force. I surely hope Tien power is higher though.
The time chamber should go ncreqse his power way beyond 12,000
if he was 5,000 before going in. He should at least be 80,000-90,000.

Yellaninja 06/29/2023 12:36:42   
ImperialWrath 1

He was actually over 7,000 before going into the chamber. So he should definitely be between 60k-80k in base at full power.

ImperialWrath 08/07/2023 00:53:19   
Rahvu 7

wow 12.000 that's a nice increase of base power since they were at 4000 when they got back from King Kai if i remember correctly, Tien got this. He can probably handle a x10 Kaio Ken, but not for long i suppose..

Rahvu 06/29/2023 16:14:17   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Tien could still be holding back his true strength. Burter and Jeice were easily fooled by Goku's suppressed power of 5000 since their scouters couldn't detect his releases of ki.

Ultimate-Perfection 06/30/2023 05:59:46   
ImperialWrath 1

They (Tien, Krillin, and Haarp) were over 7,000 when they returned from King Kai's training.

ImperialWrath 08/07/2023 00:53:56   
Rahvu 7

Yeah i remember wrong they were 4000 when they arrived to the battle against saiyans and fishface, but raised it to 7000.

Rahvu 08/07/2023 20:24:34   
JoKar1007 5

I wonder if Tien will have a way to fight against Guldo's telekinesis from training with Chaos. The problem will be the time stopping.

JoKar1007 06/29/2023 16:20:11   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Guldo's time stop ability isn't the main problem, it's his paralysis. Gohan and Krillin were able to track where Guldo would hide after stopping time since they could still sense his power. Guldo almost succeeded in killing them because they couldn't break free from it. Luckily Vegeta interfered to bail them out.

Ultimate-Perfection 06/30/2023 05:55:31   
bnkjk 4

Yeah, that paralysis is stupidly OP. Several targets, and (at least in DBM canon) immobilized Goku, who easily beat Recoome, making him think (not even confirmed) that he'd need maximum kaioken to free himself, so Guldo could probably paralyze even the likes of Ginyu, maybe even Frost Demons

bnkjk 06/30/2023 09:58:49   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Jaco isn't actually being a coward for once? Amazing! Although I do think Trunks being there will be bad for Tien. He's a liability.

Ultimate-Perfection 06/30/2023 05:48:58   
ashyjones964 1

Actually, it's pretty good to see! Links are allowed in comments only for Team Members!

ashyjones964 08/08/2023 18:18:41   
ashyjones964 1

Thanks for sharing!
Links are allowed in comments only for Team Members!
Tiler Adelaide

ashyjones964 08/08/2023 18:19:49   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

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