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luca1 6

So Vegeta gets the Senzu after all.. hmm - and I was hoping the earthlings will finally deal with the thread by them selves for once I guess that leaves them on the mercy of Dr Gero and his Cyborgs/Androids

luca1 08/31/2021 09:23:41   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

I’m also at a loss on how they will defeat Vegeta. Unlike in canon, Vegeta still isn’t wounded enough to escape and is a huge threat. Kami and Popo aren’t strong enough to handle Vegeta on their own either. Poor Yamcha should’ve listened to Haarp’s advice. This will be a good lesson for him in the afterlife: working together to achieve a common goal.

The only likely outcomes I can see right now are that Kami possibly trained some more Earthlings, maybe like Mr. Satan and they will step in and save the day.

Or like you said, Dr. Gero and his cyborgs will finish off Vegeta and kidnap the others. This seems unlikely to me, since we only know about Yamcha being kidnapped by Gero, not the others. Plus Yamcha is dead now, so Gero can’t use him as a test subject to turn into an android yet.

My other guess is Vegeta will succeed in wiping out everyone else, with maybe the exception of Popo. Maybe he and Bulma will figure out how to get to Namek like in canon, revive Kami with Porunga and use Shenron to resurrect everyone killed by the Saiyans. I say this as an outcome, because even with a heal and a Zenkai from the last Senzu, Vegeta would still be outclassed by Nail if he ever decided to travel to Namek alone.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/31/2021 15:21:32   
DivinusRex 1

Realistically Vegeta should be in the high 20000s or at 30000-31000

Realistically earths warriors should have no chance other then to trick Vegeta

DivinusRex 08/31/2021 17:36:35   
TotalmentoTulio 17

Attention to image friend, it seems at least Yamcha gave a seed of the gods to Tenshinhan, that means he will recover, now a fight between healed Tenshinhan and injured Vegeta will be tough, lo male Master Karin I believe that too will intervene, but to destroy what is left of the seeds of the gods. Even the dear kitten will die, or perhaps reinforcements will finally arrive as you said, however, reinforcements may arrive for everyone, Cooler will most certainly send reinforcements, which will capture Vegeta or give him the opportunity to escape!

TotalmentoTulio 09/01/2021 20:05:35   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

NO WAY! I didn’t actually expect Yamcha to get killed… Well, at least he died a relatively painless death in comparison to everyone else.

I hope King Yemma will allow him to train with King Kai as well. Things look really bleak right now! Haarp was right all along.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/31/2021 14:53:24   
MightyB 2

Well he messed up even more than i thought.Did not heal 1.Or maybe not worst since he refused to heal haarp and the senzu secrets might not be revealed yet.
Vegeta did not see them heal yet so he probly does not know otherwise it seems impossible they can win if he grabs the senzu and haarp is not healed.
Kiwi healed him and vegeta did not think much about it.For all he knows it was not a food from earth.He probly does not sense Ki either.He just knew yamcha is supposed to be there but was not seen.Just like he knew krilin was suppose to be there but not seen when gohan tried to distract him.But then again he should also be on guard for roshi so who knows.
And what distraction with yamacha.Its as if he knows about the senzu.What an amazing fight hard to predict whats gonna happen.

MightyB 08/31/2021 19:35:11   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

I think Vegeta doesn’t exactly know about the Senzus themselves, but he likely deduced that the same item that Kiwi gave to him to be healed earlier is what Yamcha is trying to give to Tien, Krillin and Haarp. It’s why Kami is there to support Popo and provide a distraction.

Vegeta is a highly skilled warrior and he is quite perceptive in battle, especially before he became a Super Saiyan. After that, he became obsessed with his pride, getting stronger and surpassing Goku. Saiyan Saga/Namek Saga Vegeta was where he was most strategic mentally.

Also, Vegeta won’t be on guard for Roshi because Roshi got killed by Nappa, remember? He sacrificed himself to save Yamcha and Bulma at the end of Chapter 22.

It’s my favorite thing about Chewys’ story. It’s even more tense than canon Dragon Ball and the twists and turns are even harder to predict! He is a great story teller!

Ultimate-Perfection 09/02/2021 00:34:29   
Jason Phoenix 11

UMM, can being a Cyborg really help fix a brain that has, how you say, exploded!?

Jason Phoenix 09/03/2021 11:48:33   
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