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MightyB 2

Tien and Haarp with kaiox3 same time could not do anything.Tien cant even keep it for long.Tien kaio3 sneak and grab vegeta from behind and hold him still then krilin kienzan them both to death seems their best bet with no haarp.Doubt they would do that.Suspense of this amazing story is incredible.

MightyB 08/26/2021 21:10:13   
luca1 6

I was always curious why they arent doing exactly what you wrote more often considering how op kienzan is with dragon balls around death is just a little time off for them so why not sacrefice one of the warriors to get it over with quickly - they seem to always rush thowards to battle making plans as they are against the wall if at all :/ I guess that's what db is he he

luca1 08/27/2021 08:42:18   
Yienzu 5

Heal that man Yamcha! Can't leave the strongest fighter on the ground when the situation is this dire!

Yienzu 08/27/2021 13:56:24   
Chewys 31

No... (Insert Bugs Bunny nene)

Chewys 08/28/2021 03:00:51   
Jason Phoenix 11

Remind me, are there still any intact scouters around here?

Jason Phoenix 08/27/2021 20:00:22   
Chewys 31


Chewys 08/28/2021 03:01:32   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Nope! Vegeta destroyed his own scouter, Kiwi ended up Nappa's scouter (Vegeta took it from him so he could interrogate Yamcha and Roshi about the Dragon Balls without Kiwi or Cooler finding out), and Kiwi's scouter got destroyed during his fight with the Z-Fighters.

Although I personally think Cooler will catch wind of the existence of the Dragon Balls. Kiwi did confirm the voice records of Krillin, Tien, Popo and Haarp being the fighters that Raditz killed yet they are alive, which might have notified Cooler's empire if they were listening in to the conversation. However, only Earth should be on the radar for Cooler and not Namek.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/29/2021 06:53:38   
John Boredonquixote 10

Interesting analysis from Vegeta. I had never viewed previously Kami as a catalyst for human evolution. Nice insight

John Boredonquixote 08/28/2021 09:11:32   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Kami certainly was a catalyst for the humans to get stronger. Maybe not directly, but indirectly through the creation of the Dragon Balls. Without them, the Z-Fighters would have likely never met, and they would have never went on thrilling journeys to find the wish orbs and fight powerful opponents and become stronger on their own.

Ultimate-Perfection 08/29/2021 07:11:49   
Chewys 31

Yep. And on top of that he was responsable for Piccolo being around, and they having to train and even training them.

Chewys 08/29/2021 16:59:11   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

Poor Haarp, I feel bad for him in all honesty. Just when I thought he was going to become an anti-hero, Yamcha has to open his big mouth again and be mean to him! Haarp might not be a good guy, but he is certainly better than the Saiyans or Kiwi.

He doesn't want to conquer all of Earth and destroy all humans, unlike King Piccolo or Piccolo Jr. He just wants to chill out and rule over his own country. Give him another chance, Yamcha!

Ultimate-Perfection 08/29/2021 07:07:50   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




Author :

Team : , , , ,

Translation by : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Saturday

Type : manga

Genre : Action

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