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Chewys 26

Ufffff... the arc of "Piccolo´s children" is finally reaching it´s end. It really became very long for me (I originally intended for it to last only two chapters!!).
It was very fun at first, to present all of Piccolo´s offsprings and stuff, but in the end i wanted it to end and start with Raditz´s arrival.
I´m going to take a little time and start with that!!

Next page is 100% original, not a copy-paste, and it was completly made by Torrijos, author of Dragon Ball T (if you haven´t read it yet, don´t miss it and comment):

Chewys 12/28/2018 23:21:02   
Kaioken Krillshinhan 3

Heh, you make it sound lame but your "copy-paste" is very highquality in itself.

This was very enjoyable! Full of surprises and good old school Dragonball techniques.
And once again this just proofs that stuff is just better if a true fan does it.

Kaioken Krillshinhan 12/29/2018 04:02:40   
Jason Phoenix 7

I dunno, the so called "copy-paste" I've been reading has been very enjoyable. I can't even imagine the work that goes into these panels, because they still look completely natural. You do good work and I hope you keep doing it

Cannot wait for Raditz's arrival, let's see if he lasts more than in the original!

Jason Phoenix 01/19/2019 10:52:45   
Yienzu 3

Your copy paste work is top notch and your talent keeps improving over the comic. Thanks so much for a logical and true to spirit telling of these universes!!

Im a Yamcha fan boy so seeing him as a major character and being the partner to Krillin with a Tien rivalry is AMAZINGLY satisfying.

I hope that one day Salagir can get with you and team up for a canon special using your story!

Yienzu 01/19/2019 23:46:19   
HyperSonic_1985 2

Can't wait for when U9 Raditz's arrivd.
I bet Raditz was not aware that his brother Kakaroto was killed by Cooler when he was send to Earth.
I wont be suprise if Raditz will think that Kakaroto was killed on Earth if he can't find him.

HyperSonic_1985 01/20/2019 12:05:31   
venuu 19

Young as in a relative term, because for us Roshi and (grandpa) Gohan r not young, but for Kami and Karin they r

venuu 01/21/2019 01:57:16   
Ultimate-Perfection 7

This was a great saga, Chewys! You and your team did an excellent job on keeping things fresh and intense throughout the "Kami's Test Saga", as I call it.
The design of Haarp, though borrowed from DragonGarowLee's character, "Lei Wu" in Dragon Ball Sai, you adapted and simplified his design into your own character, and it worked out great! I cannot wait to see the next page drawn by your friend Torrijos!

Korin's Tower is one of my favorite locations in all of Dragon Ball. There is something so mystical about it! I think this also the first time we actually see Master Korin "on-screen" in U9!

Korin better not joke around like he did with Goku, and not tell them about Kami's origins. That was quite rude of him, since Goku had to be racist and think Kami was "another Piccolo"!

And my prediction about Kami's plan was correct.
Kami never intended to test the other Earthlings in U18 and the other DBM universes, since Goku was always there to steal the spotlight. Kami gave him the "chosen one" treatment, and the Humans became the bench warmers.
I like how they are given a bigger role here. Even Master Roshi and Gohan are given big roles to fill too, being the leaders of the group. It looks like they will train with Kami and Mr. Popo too. They never made it past Korin in the original series.
I wonder if their old age will hinder them from getting as powerful as their younger students? They better be ready to wear 100 kg of weighted clothes, learning how to fly and sense power levels, fight copies of themselves made from a doll, dodge lightning, travel back in time in the Pendulum Room, train their bodies and their sanity in the Room of Spirit and Time/Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and gasp POPO'S TRAINING!

And I laughed a good while at how Tien is distrustful of Korin. That pose of his reminds me so much of Piccolo and Vegeta, it's so funny! Especially how we all know how much Tien hates the Saiyan prince!

So now we will probably see a 3 year time skip, like we did in the original story. Since this current saga takes place during the 22nd Budokai, in Age 753.
Will we be treated to a 3 year time skip to Age 756, like in the original, around the time of the 23rd Budokai? There is no Piccolo Jr to worry about, so no need to train with Kami for three years straight. Unless Haarp decides to conquer the world, or if our heroes enter the next tournament, they could train even longer at The Lookout.

Or, will we skip all the way to Raditz's arrival, in Age 761? That would be a whole 8 YEARS worth of skipping! I hope we will get filled in on what happened during that time advancement if it does happen!

The deal with Raditz should be an interesting one. He either does not know about his brother Kakarot's death at the hands of Cooler, but still found the records of his departure to Planet Earth and heads there anyway. Or, he could have been sent there by Vegeta and Nappa.(Those two will be more thrilled to go there once they find out about Earth's Dragon Balls!)

Or maybe even Lord Cooler granted him permission to go there by himself. Cooler seems to me a much more levelheaded and forgiving ruler than Frieza, so maybe the Saiyans are treated better under his rule instead. I cannot wait to find out!

Ultimate-Perfection 01/21/2019 03:16:14   
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