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Eatatau! : manga cover

A new school year has begin at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are forged and old ones are reinforced while the old masters are recognized. Kor`la repeates course and meets Skraat; a mysterious Kroott from the planet Kraust, and Sha-shiva, a shy Ttau from the famous clan Sha.

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Who... me? Why? Who is asking? Are you one of THEM? YOU ARE! NO! YES!!! ThATS MY SPECIAL PENCIL!

Ugh... did i do it again? -_^?

Cartoonist :

Translator :

Original Language : Español

Genre : Fantasy - SF

Type : manga - Saga
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2524 Comments on the pages of Eatatau!

Ailiosh Ailiosh 16Nov ch2 p199 Ouch :(
Gildor Gildor 27Oct ch2 p201 "anything lurking on the other side"? I really do feel worried by this definition
Gildor Gildor 5Oct ch2 p198 feeling forsaken ?
Gildor Gildor 28Sep ch2 p197 And here is the understatement of the day...
Gildor Gildor 28Sep ch2 p196 Kailel is a quick dresser !
Darius Darius 21Sep ch2 p196 Tzun tzun tzuuuuuunnnn!!!! Support eatatau as a megafan and get special contents!
Ailiosh Ailiosh 14Sep ch2 p190 Crap
Gildor Gildor 7Sep ch2 p193 Funny ? Allright, she's still somewhere inside !
Gildor Gildor 7Sep ch2 p194 You are next !
Gildor Gildor 24Aug ch2 p192 Side effect of the avatar's arrival ?
Ailiosh Ailiosh 24Aug ch2 p187 Wooooooooohhhhhhooooooouuuuuuuuuu in your face XD
Gildor Gildor 17Aug ch2 p191 Is this never ending ?
Ouroboros Ouroboros 17Aug ch2 p191 Like the Disney Hydra end one and tree takes it's place....
Ailiosh Ailiosh 17Aug ch2 p186 Good one XD
Darius Darius 17Aug ch2 p190 chop!

2524 comments in other languages.

Darius Darius yest. ch2 p203 Sip, sé que está en blanco, pero ya se ha terminado, así que tampoco importa mucho...
Darius Darius yest. ch2 p207 Sí, sé que está en blanco.
Alonsoeas Alonsoeas 1Dec ch2 p206 :)
Darius Darius 26Oct ch2 p200 Ooops!
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 20Oct ch2 p195 esta en ingles:(
Darius Darius 14Oct ch2 p194 Thankius
Eldrad Eldrad 12Oct ch2 p194 Desde luego que de las primeras tiras a la de hoy, la mejoría de dibujo ha sido brutal, la tira de hoy es especialmente impresiona (...)
Darius Darius 8Aug ch2 p183 No creas que mucho...
Darius Darius 3Aug ch2 p189 If you enjoy Eatatau, please, consider supporting us on patreon and get extra contents!
Darius Darius 3Aug ch2 p188 If you enjoy Eatatau, please, consider supporting us on patreon and get extra contents!
Alvenon Alvenon 1Aug ch2 p183 Como siempre Darius , la caña!!
Elder Elder 29Jul ch2 p183 Ese escudo de energia con las almas de los brujos es la leche. Lo que me pregunto es cuanto tiempo te has tirado buscando simbolog (...)
DUARTE_EX DUARTE_EX 20Jul ch2 p182 empieza el despelote , si los autobos lo vieran empezaria a chiflar jajaja:D
Darius Darius 20Jul ch2 p187 Support us and get cookies!
muelde muelde 25May ch2 p179 yo me imaginaba una pelota de guardias espectrales.

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