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Chewys 31

This fancomic is made with the help and colaboration of you, the readers.

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Chewys 06/13/2021 19:59:17   
luca1 6

Why didnt Kaio-sama just told that to the four fighters? He was able to talk to much weaker Kururin who never even saw him in the canon at this point... Am I missing sth here?

luca1 06/15/2021 09:06:16   
Chewys 31

Yes! He could have... But he thought their hands were kind of full already

Chewys 06/15/2021 12:23:52   
alain57 4

can't wait to see the next pages
nice work like always Chewys ^^

alain57 06/15/2021 13:32:01   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 12

And is it just me or has the Lookout actually been moving like how it was shown to be able to do in Dragon Ball Super?

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 06/16/2021 13:12:52   
Chewys 31

Exactly!! I liked that idea

Chewys 06/16/2021 15:25:20   
Yienzu 5

Get there quick guys!

I wonder if they are going to be able to block the moon's light to Vegeta or if they'll just get in position to blast it out of the sky. Cool either way!

Yienzu 06/17/2021 19:31:55   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




Author :

Team : , , , ,

Translation by : This....IS MY BOOMSTICK

Original Language: Español

Releasing pace: Tuesday, Saturday

Type : manga

Genre : Action

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