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Chewys 26

Pecking order: in the original spanish version, Mr. Popo says "i'm here".
But as i was translating it i couldn't help myself from making another DBZAbridged reference

Chewys 08/09/2017 06:14:24   
venuu 19

yeah for pecking order, but he doesn't have 2 attack when he says it. he must use like not more than 1/googoplex% of his power

venuu 08/09/2017 10:49:15   
Chewys 26

Lol! it would have been funny to have Mr. Popo saying "Peckin Order" and then have a pannel os Xilophon flying out at full speed.
But it wouldn`t be accurate: this is not Abridged Popo. He is our regular DB Popo.
He is a beast at this point and is the second strongest fighter on Earth.
But in the near future his power level will be next to nothing compared to saiyans, frost demons and androids...

Chewys 08/09/2017 18:52:05   
venuu 19

he could fight equal with 2 super saiya-jins, o wait that was filler. you could have say pecking order and have mr popo be 2 fast 2 see and have tenshinhan, yamucha and krillin think it is because he said that word

venuu 08/10/2017 01:08:03   
Ouroboros 27

a the infamous abridge series.

Ouroboros 08/09/2017 17:16:24   
Lord Mega 1

in the famous words of a greedy yellow man, "Excellent."

Lord Mega 01/07/2018 20:52:28   
RegiFist 1

Haha wow this is so bizarre

RegiFist 05/30/2019 09:01:29   
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