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TroyB 41

Hop I've catched up with french translation! Sorry for the delay! Now you can see what kind of strong willed macho is Raul :-D !

TroyB 03/13/2012 09:40:30   
Ouroboros 27

kinda feel the Mortal Kombat theme coming up now.

Ouroboros 03/13/2012 15:03:46   
Josh Dufresne 3

i could never think about high kneeing a lady in the face...though pushing down the stairs....thats another story lol jk

Josh Dufresne 11/20/2012 14:46:35   
Minar 1

you could have the best of both worlds high knee @ the top of the stairs and watch the slinky effect

Minar 03/15/2013 03:40:19   
~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 5

who mcjagger and who is not?

~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 02/25/2015 11:17:12   
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