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PeekaBoo 19

Hello english readers of Amilova's comic, I translated the last three pages (I know, this is not much) I wonder if there are errors or other?

PeekaBoo 03/09/2012 09:08:57   
forbes 10

OK here
Raul talks too much

forbes 10/20/2012 23:55:40   
Eddie Nash 6

Ok kung fu vs muai thai!

Eddie Nash 07/09/2014 03:37:21   
~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 5

Raul you're not suppose to tell your foe what you're going to do before you do it.

Why you gotta pull a Ryoma like that?

~Tornado GeGe The Almighty Tian Dragon a.k.a. Head 02/25/2015 11:14:41   
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