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Chewys 31

The panels of this part are from the incredible fanmanga, Dragon Ball Hakai.

Chewys 04/29/2023 14:16:42   
Yellaninja 2

This is some amazing Lore. I remember we were
Introduced to Demons way back in the Fortune
Teller Baba Arc when Goku was a kid - King Piccolo Saga.

But they were never truly expanded upon like
They are today now with this page.
One can’t help wonder if you think
Majin Buu was created a similar
way ? Perhaps Bibi summoned the
soul of the demon but Created its body.

Nonetheless I’m going to assume that
Harp is no longer a full demon just a
mutated Namek. And the
Nameks are freaking out over Harps physical
appearance and not
his actual soul. Which shouldn’t
be evil anymore. I mean
he was allowed to keep his
body and trained to help save Earth.
I think that should at least qualify
as someone who is on the right
path and should be purified by
the time their soul is judged again.
To be honest I even remember
Harp wanted to rule his own country
in peace with his loyal girls. I don’t
remember him killing anyone
since his appearance at the 23rd Budokai.
I think to be a full demon you
have to be truly evil.

Yellaninja 04/29/2023 20:12:25   
Chewys 31

Like Belcebub!!

Chewys 04/30/2023 16:36:10   
JoKar1007 5

I remember they said that if a demon killed you, your soul wandered without going to the other world. But that made me think, was Piccolo Jr never a demon to begin with? Piccolo threw out an egg before dying without saying the incantation. So he made a normal Namekiam offspring?

JoKar1007 04/29/2023 23:47:57   
Chewys 31

Yes! Piccolo Junior was a "normal Namek"... except he had the soul of his father within him. Not a Demon Sould. Otherwise his body would have been deformed. He reincarnated in the spot, and was left a soulless vessel. That´s why h´s body exploded then, I think.

Chewys 04/30/2023 01:42:40   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku: cover




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