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To be fair, Haarps reasoning is completely logical.
It's the natural conclusion to arrive at. I would have done the same in his position.

This....IS MY BOOMSTICK 03/13/2023 13:23:50   
bnkjk 2

Yeah, coming back to Earth without immortality would have been a death sentence anyway if there are more cyborgs (and if I'm not mistaken Haarp doesn't even know that #13 and #14 have been destroyed), so Bulma's plan just doesn't work for him.

bnkjk 05/13/2023 14:51:15   
RegiFist 2

Agree, I too would do the same, and so would Bulma which is probably why she's fine with it. In fact, I read a fanfiction in which she angered Enma when she died. Afterward, when she was resurrected, she endeavored to become immortal so she would never have to deal with him in the afterlife.

Ps: If you're wondering why she angered him, she found out about Friza while waiting to be judged after a planet got wiped out. which resulted in a million souls being added to the queue. Then she confronted Enma about his inaction and allowing Frieza to cause so much mayhem.

RegiFist 05/15/2023 19:52:36   
Yellaninja 1

It seems perfectly logical for Haarp to want to survive
considering the circumstance, But I thought he was
a bit wiser. If he were to help revive Kami Then
the Earth Dragonballs would once again be
obtainable and he wouldn’t have to alert anyone
on his quest and could find them himself for his
personal gain with Bulma radar. The way he is going
about it is no different than a Tyrant. So eventually
I see this becoming a Haarp vs Nameks and Nail.
Maybe Krillin will ally himself with the Nameks
against Haarp until they have a common enemy
like Cooler Corps. But if Cooler Corps doesn’t show
up on Namek Nail will ultimately deal with Haarp.

Yellaninja 05/14/2023 00:03:03   
MicSre 1

I am not sure, that Nail alone would be enough to beat Haarp.

Haarp after resurrection had base power 7k. On Kaioken between 12k and 15k. He surpassed Vegeta on zenkai at Kaioken 5x, but not able to kill him. It means Vegeta had power near 25k, so Haarp max power could be equal. Mental Training could gave him increase of power by around 40% (like Krillin in DBZ). So now Haarp level could be max. 36k

Nail's power level in DBZ was 42k. In this history he could have a little less level for better story.


I think that Krillin will beat Haarp but after zenkai from Guru which Gives 5 times boost. In this story Krillin could have power around 10k. Kaioken + zenkai will give him quine huge power

MicSre 05/15/2023 19:11:38   
Yellaninja 1

But does Haarp really stand a chance against Nail ? Nail
is stronger than even a zenkai Vegeta who would be 24,000
- 30,000. I don’t think Haarp and Krillin have gotten any
real training from mental image practice that could boost
them to another few 1000s. Since Haarp wasn’t taking
that training serious and they weren’t in space for nearly
as long as in the original. Bulma and her Dad were able
to make a ship fast as Goku’s when he trained in the
gravity spaceship. So they wouldn’t have a month to train
with mental image training like Gohan and Krillin did in
Kami’s spaceship.

Yellaninja 05/16/2023 00:33:07   
MicSre 1

You are right with mental training. Efficiency of it could be less, but potential of Haarp is much more bigger. Look on Piccolo during training in otherworld. He trained only mentally.

Additionally, Nail as savior of Namek would be too easy. History would end too soon

MicSre 05/16/2023 06:05:57   
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