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Chewys 31

End of chapter.

Next Tuesday we resume the new chapter, which will be the closing of this arc and the opening of the next. Then we will pause this Universe and go to Universe 3 to see what happened to Piccolo Daimaku after repelling the Saiyan invasion.

As always thanks to the Patreons and collaborators. With your help, i´m allowed to maintain this good rhythm and be able to improve the comic by ordering commissions from the great Torrijos!

Chewys 03/21/2022 23:50:51   
Cattivone 3

Too bad, I was hoping for at least a partial redemption, after all they faced that menace together.
Let's see how it evolves.

Cattivone 03/22/2022 09:40:25   
Chewys 31

Heaetless robots...

Chewys 03/22/2022 14:56:29   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 12

But she's still part human. She just has her human side locked away. We know from DBM that Cyborgs can recover their memories and I'm sure you must have plans for Chi-Chi to recover them at some point, right? I mean you had her somehow use the Kamehameha, which I'd imagine is tied to her forgotten memories.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 03/22/2022 21:47:46   
kcheeb 5

Wad I wanna c is chichi forcing herself on krillins defenseless body and raping him

kcheeb 03/22/2022 13:58:49   
Chewys 31


Chewys 03/22/2022 14:57:49   
RegiFist 2

Do it, you wont.

RegiFist 03/22/2022 20:22:30   
kcheeb 5

pls draw the alternate timeline hentai scenario I suggested ^-^ I'll even pay on patreon to watch

kcheeb 05/17/2023 04:13:19   
Jason Phoenix 11

And here it is. Now that the entire Saiyan population is gone one question remains. How, in Kami's name, are they supposed to beat Cooler with no Super Saiyans. No amount of Kaioken multipliers can do too much. Goku at his level with X20 was getting tossed around by 50% of Freeza's original form, even if we assume Cooler is weaker, he still has his Augmentation form which more than makes up for the remaining 50%.

I have 3 ideas as to what could kill Cooler, the first is Cyborgs, if Gero could speedup the process and get Yamcha as #17 then there's nothing to worry about. The second could be Namekian fusions, great risk but high reward. As for the last, I seem to remember seeing what looked like Frost Demons on that spoiler page a few chapters back (it also had Blue as A-14 and Cyborg Yamcha), if the cloning process reached the stage of creating subjects that actually function as people, who knows? One could join the gang or just rebel against Cooler.

Whatever the method, I really can't wait to see what happens, this is no doubt one of the best "alternate universe" stories I've read in general. Keep it up!

Jason Phoenix 03/22/2022 15:56:49   
luca1 6

I think its pretty much certain Yamcha will kill Cooler effortlessly
the real question is how will they deal with Dabura? I am assuming Buu is never going to be awoken in this uni so the ultimate threat is Dabura - but maybe cell could help them out with this one? So many possibilities

luca1 03/24/2022 14:05:27   
videogames518 1

I wonder if Harp is somehow still alive.

Vegeta is going to come back even angrier, and I doubt Chi Chi alone can handle him, even if he is more injured from that beam struggle he lost.

videogames518 03/22/2022 16:21:03   
Ultimate-Perfection 11

It’s been a while since I’ve commented! What a great chapter though. I hope Vegeta isn’t dead just yet. The Earthlings still have no idea that Cooler and his empire exist yet, and Vegeta’s warning of him with his dying breath could help them all prepare.

If Vegeta was desperate enough to head to Earth with Nappa to gain immortality from the Dragon Balls, then Cooler would seem nearly invincible. Hopefully the Earthlings figure out how to get to Namek and restore Kami and Shenron! King Kai might play a more proactive role in helping them find Namek, since everyone except Krillin, Tien and Haarp are dead and Cooler’s empire now has Earth on its radar.

As for Krillin and C-11/Chi-Chi, I predict that Tien will show up and stop her (Krillin sent him away on the Flying Nimbus).
She is far weaker than C-13 and C-14 were. Krillin was already starting to figure out that she and C-13 know the techniques of the Turtle School and Crane School.
Surely Tien would recognize Tao’s body, and Krillin might know about Chi-Chi since Gohan and Roshi visited Ox-King and Chi-Chi in their travels at the very beginning of the story. It should be obvious by now to them that Dr. Gero didn’t built mechanical androids, but converted humans into cyborgs.

Dr. Gero also isn’t there to influence C-11, so there is a small chance it might work! At least a temporary truce until they revive everyone and defeat Cooler.

Ultimate-Perfection 03/22/2022 20:09:07   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 12

The real question is will she do kill Krillin or will something inside her related to her locked away human self stop her?

Narrator: "Find out in the next chapter of An Earth without Goku!!!"

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 03/22/2022 21:50:58   
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