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Chewys 31

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Chewys 12/26/2023 01:50:06   
Ouroboros 28

Well I didn't expect it was a "true" Namek that ran with it

Ouroboros 12/26/2023 14:53:24   
Jason Phoenix 11

In the original we only saw Freeza do in the one village, this time we're getting to see the gradual genocide of the Namekian people... Not the happiest thought, but it works to sell the villains I suppose.

Hope you all had a good Christmas!

Jason Phoenix 12/26/2023 15:06:53   
Vikrantteamb23 1

I understand your point about the dramatic impact of showing the gradual genocide of the Namekians. It certainly adds a layer of depth and horror to the villains' actions. However, I feel compelled to disagree with the idea that it's necessary "to sell the villains."

Here's why:

Exploiting real-world tragedies for entertainment: Genocide is a real and horrific event that has caused immense suffering to countless people. Using it as a plot device, even in a fictional universe, can be seen as disrespectful to the victims and their families.
Moral ambiguity and desensitization: While showing the villains' cruelty in detail might seem like it makes them more evil, it can also have the unintended effect of desensitizing viewers to violence and suffering. It's important to remember that real-world perpetrators of genocide are not cartoon villains, and their actions have devastating consequences.
Alternative ways to portray evil: There are plenty of ways to portray effective villains without resorting to graphic depictions of genocide. Focusing on their motivations, their impact on the characters, and the moral choices they force others to make can be equally effective in conveying their evil without exploiting real-world tragedies.
Ultimately, I believe that storytelling should be mindful of the potential impact it can have on audiences. While showing the full extent of the Namekian genocide might add some dramatic tension, I think it's important to consider the ethical implications and potential for harm before resorting to such graphic portrayals.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and you're free to disagree. However, I hope you'll consider the points I've raised when thinking about how to portray villains and sensitive topics in your storytelling.

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Vikrantteamb23 01/02/2024 16:01:25   

Maybe that’s a fake ball

MUI GOKU 12/26/2023 20:15:15   
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