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Cell3 4


Cell3 05/19/2018 11:26:12   
Ouroboros 27

If he is it would mean there is only one demon left, disqualified.
No killing

But nope probably just down for the count.

Ouroboros 05/19/2018 11:52:28   
John Boredonquixote 9

Oh no, this is not happeniiiiing!!!!

Ah ah i get it, i get it... Yamcha is just pretending to be unconscious... yeah! That's it!... hahahaha! Good plan Yamcha, that's my boy! And you will catch him off guard. Perfect plan! Ouf! I almost fall to that. Forgot what a tactical genius Yamcha is.

Ok, let's not lose any more time here, let the referee declare the triumph of Yamcha already and let us move on with Tien's match. (Chewys, where do i collect my bet again?)

John Boredonquixote 05/19/2018 14:38:48   
Chewys 29

Relax man!! Deep breath, deep breath!!
Remember when he fought the Mummy!! This is not over until the man in the glasses says so!!!

Chewys 05/19/2018 20:12:45   
Yienzu 4

Hi Chewys! I've been reading your comic ever since getting into DBM a couple of years ago. Such great work! I love your continuation of the stories with the slight changes injected.

I never comment as I'm mostly a lurker BUT
I noticed on the DBM page last week you took note that Gohan did not go with Bulma in Universe 21 and accepted that he may not have in Universe 9 like in your story.
I just wanted to make sure you saw Salagir's note on the last page stating that he did indeed go with her in Universe 9.

"Also, in DBM I consider that what happens need to be logical continuation due to the initial change, not whatever story I want. Then just in this first page we could have several routes, as Gohan could have accompanied Bulma (spoiler, it's the case in U9), and he didn't." -Salagir Minicomic Page 81 comments

Yienzu 05/21/2018 18:49:19   
Chewys 29

Ahhhh!!! Thanks! I hadn´t read it! Well, i guess it´s too bad (though I evidently do belive it´s the most logical way).

Chewys 05/22/2018 00:52:20   
Yienzu 4

No problem! I just didn't want you to miss DBM's creator agreeing with you about Universe 9 at the least Makes total sense Gohan would go with her if Goku never killed him!

Yienzu 05/22/2018 01:39:04   
venuu 19

that 2nd pic looks beautiful, but his attack doesn't look pissed, he definitely will do a other attack

venuu 05/22/2018 05:38:15   
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DBM U3 & U9: Una Tierra sin Goku

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