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Ouroboros 27

Demon King Piccolo our savior

Ouroboros 09/30/2017 14:34:17   
Chewys 23

He´s not the hero we deserve, but the hero that we need

Chewys 09/30/2017 17:29:23   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 6

He's not even a hero. He'd more like be a necessary evil. It's basically submit to a lesser evil in order to survive, because most of the planet surviving under the rule of an evil tyrant is better than the entire population of all Earth's sentient species being killed.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 10/01/2017 02:39:52   
ChamanCaido 7

In my opinión, Piccolo Daimao is the most evil character in the whole Dragon Ball world, worst than the saiyans and even worst that Frieza. But yeah, after his fusion with Kami, his evilness would become corrupted.

ChamanCaido 10/02/2017 22:52:22   
Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 6

I disagree. DK Piccolo only wanted to rule with an iron fist and destroy 1 city each year on the anniversary of the day he conquered Earth by force and bestowed himself as it's king. Other than annually destroying 1 city, he had no desire to kill aimlessly. The Saiyans on the other hand enjoyed slaughtering entire species into extinction, so Frieza could sell their planets to the highest bidder. As U3 shows, they did it not because they were forced to do it, but because they enjoyed doing it seeing as Bardock took Frieza's place as head of the PTO after defeating and killing all the Frost Demons. Enjoying murdering an entire species is much much worse than killing off a city once a year to make sure people understand you are as evil as you claim to be and that it wouldn't be wise to attempt to oppose you. Killing to show off your power and assert dominance is less evil than killing just to kill and doing it on a planetary level on a regular basis. Each Saiyan alone probably has thousands of times more kills than DK Piccolo does.

Oh and as the main DBM depiction of DK Piccolo has shown, the good side of Kami was completely suppressed and only DK Piccolo's evil side remained completely undiminished. As was shown in the main timeline of DBZ, Piccolo merging with Kami really didn't act as a true fusion, but just ended up giving Piccolo Kami's raw physical power and memories. He still remained part of the Namekian Warrior Clan and didn't become a member of both the Warrior and Dragon Clans. A true fusion would've made him a member of both clans and therefore still allowed him to create Dragon Balls or not even need to do as it wouldn't count as Kami no longer existing and therefore the Dragon Balls wouldn't have turned to stone. As the show depicts, Namekian fusion really isn't fusion; it's actually assimilation. You stay yourself, but take on some attributes of the person you absorbed.

Kor Daemonsbane Saiyajinkami 10/03/2017 12:57:04   
ChamanCaido 7

Still Im think he is worst. He just have less power, so, less influence and Earth is the only place he know. So Earth was like the whole universe for King Piccolo as the Universe was for Frieza.

He don´t kill everyone becasue he want to rule in a world of chaos, where the streets where place full with violence, fear and without law. That for me is 1000 worst than total extermination. And that the aniversay to choose one city just to enjoy the fear and desperation of population make him worst in my opinión. I don't think Frieza or his father would do something like that.

Maybe in real life many ppl where killed by Hitler, Stalin or Napoleon. But a psycho who just killed 20 ppl just for fun make him worst and more evil than a dictator in my opinion

Frieza was more like the iron fist ruler than Piccolo who just wants to see the world burns.

ChamanCaido 10/05/2017 01:52:22   
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