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Guildadventure 31

With the page 35 of Monster girls on tour comes the release of another Special adventure of our favourite monster girls. A side adventure with absurd humor, action and erotism in wich you will see a lot of funny happenings K’sara and her group had in the festival before reaching this point.

Of course, there’s no need to read it to follow the story of the webcomic, they are just aditional humor scenes, but they are 22 more pages of fun for very little price, so check my store and buy it if you like monster girls!

And remember that there’s another Special adventure in the store, telling the story of the Panda ants village.

Guildadventure 11/07/2015 13:08:57   
DonDonOvanOvan 1

The language selection toggle! It does nothing!
Seriously though, only this page doesn't have an English version, toggling the language selector doesn't do anything on this page.

DonDonOvanOvan 12/18/2015 06:04:38   
Guildadventure 31

It seems i uploaded the wrong page, it's fixed now

Guildadventure 12/18/2015 16:22:03   
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