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Ouroboros 27

the once hurt the most by this are the warriors at sea.

Ouroboros 02/20/2019 17:48:20   
Chewys 30

Wait... isn't the flying one right next to Ryna?

Also... now they are all nacl yo ver, que could Summon them with her to take down the Morning Star, right?

Chewys 02/21/2019 14:03:53   
Taresh 2

last issue there's a small panel showing the Bird fighting alongside the fish.
it relayed the message to Kodo, then rejoined the battle

Taresh 02/21/2019 15:00:00   
Chewys 30

Ah, ah!! Thanks Taresh!!

Chewys 02/21/2019 15:08:20   
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