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The Amilova Collective and other news

Published on 04/23/2012

Amilova 0.97!

No, the V1 is not a chimera, it will be available really soon!

We are working on it as quickly as possible: while improving the site and correcting bugs, we also add new features that bring us closer and closer to the final release of Amilova V1. For sure, you have already seen the introduction of "The Amilova Collective" and the new subscription packages Premium and Platinium. So stay tuned, this is just the beginning ;).

And at the same time, we are working to make our comic/manga books catalogue much richer and varied. So a lot of new books will be presented for the first time at the Japan Expo Paris!!

The Amilova Collective!

We are pleased and proud to present you the series and the artists that are part of "The Amilova Collective"!

The artists of the Amilova Collective publish exclusively on our site 20 new pages every month!

So, every day you could enjoy a new page of Amilova, Arkham Roots, Dark Eagle, Food Attack, Full Moon, Hemispheres, Imperfect, Living the Dream Life of a Teacher and RUN8!

The most important is that the artists of the Amilova Collective are under contract and are paid to publish their series on the site. They are paid in advance, but they also receive a percentage of books sales, of subscription packages sales, of advertising profits. becomes a true cross-media publisher providing traditional books but also digital contents and collaborative online publishing platform.

Subscription packages and Fair Trade Comics pays royalties in advance and shares with the authors of the collective the incomes of their audience in an equitable way. This is precisely the concept of FAIR TRADE COMICS that we wanted to implement since the beginning of our project, concept in which the focus is on the welfare of the artist: You could find more information here.

Well, if our authors are paid, logically we need to have incomes to pay to them.
The site's revenues principally come from subscriptions.
However, we want to maintain a balance between free and paid content, because we believe that readers would like to subscribe because they want to have fun on and support our authors, not because they are forced to.
So, the "free membership" readers keep access to the majority of the site pages and content.

We offer three subscription packages:
  • Weekly: Curious
  • Monthly: Premium
  • Annual: Platinium.

Every subscription gives access to exclusive pages of the series of The Amilova Collective Authors, to archives and to additional options for a more pleasant reading experience.

All information is available on the subscription page: click here.

Japan Expo Paris : from July 5 to 8, 2012!

This is the news of the day!

This year, the Amilova team will once again participate in Japan Expo Paris! We hope we will meet all of you there!

On our stand, we will present for the first time our brand new comic/manga books Amilova tome 3, Hemispheres tome 3, Run8 tome 2, Dragon Bros Z tome 2... and a lot of other surprises! Some of our artists will be there for book signings... We will give you all the details ASAP ;).

We will also organize a special contest... but we'll talk about it soon, for now it is still a secret!

If you want to contribute to the success of Amilova at Japan Expo Paris and to help us to organize the event or to do animation on the stand... please feel free to leave comments under the post here.

New comics/manga on

Gangstas and Paradise Gangstas and Paradise

An amazing shonen manga created by the Indonesian artist nilanandita! Welcome to the age of vice, Kali Yuga. The age when human civilization has been brainwashed into the depraved lifestyle of the profligate greed of money, while most people who have power have thoughts of murder with no justification and see nothing wrong in that. At this age, many saints said that the "Supreme God" will appear as the chastiser known as Kalki, who is destined to destroy the evil reign ruled by the "Queen of Demons: Kali", in order to save the world. But in reality, the true demon is living in human hearts, intangible and not as clearly-personified as the "solid" form called Kali. Does it mean that what Kalki intends to destroy, is humanity itself?

You could start reading here.

Central Yuniverse
Central Yuniverse

A beautifully colored series with manga influences created by French artist Christophe Cointault! The story is a a combination of action and humor. Central Yuniverse... nobody knows the existence of this world but some are already dreaming of reaching it. General Scarg beleaves that he has found a way to connect this world to ours. The problem is that no normal human being would survive the "journey" as it was designed...

You could start reading here.

Hot Dog Hot Dog

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story come courtesy of Russian designer/artist Roman Yakovlev. A really amazing and beautiful work!

You could start reading here.

Our comic/manga books are still available on Amazon!

We need your support more than ever!

If you like Amilova, Run 8, Hemispheres, Super Dragon Bros Z, now you could purchase volumes 1 and 2 on Amazon. Make your friends a present, start your collection!

Thank you for all your support!

♣ beta 0.95 > lots of news !

Published on 03/27/2012

It's spring time, hell yeah !
A season full of energy, spreading the wind of renewal up to !
The V1 is nearly finished. The ones that have been following us since 2010 must be impatient to see what it's gonna be !
New design, blogging system, creative common management... you've seen many improvements in the last weeks. But this is just the beginning... and what's next is still a surprise !

We'd be glad to answer your questions to this news on the message board ;).

The V1 will bring concepts that will revolution the digital publishing world.
Yes, just that !
Until then, below are the improvement that brought the "V 0.95"

  1. New design. Larger comics covers. Less text to put the stress on the beautiy of illustrations. Optimization so the pages load faster. And a lot of small details that make the difference [/*]
  2. on homepage, a "real time activity" board that shows you everything that happens on The homepage is also more customizable[/*]
  3. artists can now manage the way they spread and share their art through creative common licences.[/*]
  4. artists and premium members can now talk about their art (or anything else) on their blogs ! Examples of blogs :[/*]
  5. **[/*]
  6. **[/*]
  7. **[/*]
  8. **[/*]

We suggest you to read these recently added comics !

Doodling Around
Everybody has a group of friends to hang out with. Also, everybody has a dream who wants to become true some day. Having both mixed is even better. Follow the crazy situations of the twins Angélica and Rina and their group of friends.
A lot of humor, excellent illustrations in color, by Skilldraw !
Reading starts here :

Seeking Dracula
"Seeking Dracula" is the story of the delusional Quest, as oppressing as vain, of a lady seeking for dracula.
A dark poetic french bande-dessinée, by Monsieur To and Marlène.
Adventure starts here :

Leth Hate
Hilarious, with trashy NSFW humor ! By Leth Hate himself !
A comic about a hatefull man that refuses to die, and the zombie and succubus that keep him company.
Laughing starts here :

A dark, violent, gore comic with splendid color illustrations, by the russian artist "Devil_HS".
You'll feel stencil graffiti and neo metal influences there.
Not for everyone, contains violence, sex and rock'n'roll !
Terror starts here :

Night Feast
Thriller by the talented japanese mangaka Hanada !
Mysteries, action, and stunning drawings !
"The year is 2024. When night falls the "birds" appear. They are called Nue, after the chimera of Japanese myth. The name of the boy who hunts them as a part-time job is Iori Ogino. As he goes about his work he wonders - should he be killing them?"
Awesomeness starts here :

Section Inside Direction
By Feilang, a japanese mangaka, translated to english by Tze.
AMU Corporation Virtual Reality Game Development Studio: founded in 2042 AD and employing a staff of 1500 people. The company was known initially as a software developer of low-grade products, but secretly it was also involved in the development of virtual reality technologies, and when it eventually presented its sensory-integrated RPG system, it was catapulted to the top of the business world overnight...
But with its success there also appeared those who threatened AMU Corp's virtual world.

The boy from Salida
A japanese mangaka setting his story in a latin world is a rare thing ! Discover the precious work of Moriyama with "The boy from Salida", translated from japanese by Tze.
A story with slight touches of fantasy, set in the fictional kingdom of Salida, which shares many traits in common with the historical Al-Andalus.
La Cucaracha starts here :

Waldo Papaye
Lots of humor, mysteries and action in the caribbean islands !
By the french artist Toshi D, translated to english by Pehesse !
Tibo Abias is an ordinary guy who could one day become the most powerful being in the universe... story inspired by the Antilles islands legends...
Funk starts here.

Cowboys in Orbit
By Mbuma,author of Yokai Yokai, manga that participated to the cartoonist competition !
Action and fun in a sci fi environnement !
Cowboys in Orbit est un shonen d'action comme on les aime, avec de l'action, des pouvoirs et de l'humour !
In 4512, torn between gang wars and "ROM" deals, the inhabitants of the Earth, the "paramessiahs", are trying to find a future for themselves, remembering the legends of a mythical creature called the "Human "...
The final frontier ends there :

Help artists to spread their art worlwide !
If you want to joing the community of helpers and translators, go ahread and present yourself on the message board !
You can also send a private message to Fikiri she will take care of you.
And if you want to remain independant because communities are not your thing, you can also translate without the help of anyone , everything is explained there

Until then, enjoy spring, have fun :).

☆☆☆ Amilova Team ☆☆☆

Competion Results

Published on 03/16/2012

The results

The big winner! Supported by Fans AND the Jury !
Congratulations to Ibi for his years of efforts and his talent !!!

"Lapin et Tortue" will soon be published in 1000 copies, and Ibi will receive a grant of 1000 euros !

lapin et tortue
To read Lapin et Tortue, click here
**2: ONLY TWO !
Congratulations to Jérome !

Only Two will be soon published in 500 copies. And Jérome will receive a grant of 500 euros !

Only Two
To read Only Two, click here
Congratulations to Eskhar, she will receive a grant of 100 euros !

To read Psychomantium, click here

The top 15

Congratulations to the artists of the top15 who have been supported by readers and by the Jury !
All works in the top15 will soon be published in a special book !
  • 4: Food Attack
  • 5: Human Puppets
  • 6: Etat des lieux
  • 7: Enemy inside
  • 8: Full Moon
  • 9: Sasori
  • 10: Bishop's Normal Adventures
  • 11: Dragon Scream
  • 12: ARKHAM
  • 13: Dark Eagle
  • 14: Apple strength
  • 15: Réflexions Affligeantes

Special Prize of the jury

Special prize for the comic "Les 3 Mousquetaires" that has been much appreciated by the jury. The poor amount of votes from the readers gave him a bad ranking so it can't be in the Top 15, but we want this book to be part of the special book too !

Top 30 / Grades / Comments

Below is the TOP30.
Comments and grades on these works will be given individually to the artists that will contact by private message TroyB. Only by private message, and only if asked by the concerned artist, these informations will not be published and will remain private.
  • 17: Oscar Fé
  • 18: Retro Futur
  • 19: Imperfect
  • 20: SethXFaye
  • 21: Mythes et Légendes
  • 22: Trois Mousquetaires
  • 23: Aka-chan
  • 24: Irène et les Heimdalls
  • 25: The Eye of Poseidon
  • 26: Nolan
  • 27: Fireworks Detective
  • 28: Coeur d'Aigle
  • 29: Cupidon Boy
  • 30: La Légende des dragons

Big thanks and... What's next ?

When will the books be published? Soon.

When is the next competition? Soon, depending on the success of this first competition. Did artist enjoy it? Did reader enjoy it? Answers to these questions will have a great influence on what is coming next.

Big big thanks to the readers, the jury and the artists !

♥ Big crazy update !

Published on 03/09/2012

We just made a huge crazy update full of the coolest improvements ! I won't list them here... I'm letting you discover them all !
We've tested it all the past weeks... but for sure there are bugs here and there.
Please help us and report them quickly with maximum details wink.

We hope you'll enjoy all these improvements... Smells like the V1 is getting closer :) !

Go to the message board to react to this news, we'd be happy to read your feedbacks

☆ Super customizable profiles !

Published on 01/26/2012

It is now possible to authors AND members of level 10 and above to activate their super custom premium profile !

* listing of all the comics you published !
* display a special picture of your choice !
* display a special word on yourself
* write articles and blog about what you want !
* listing of your last comments and board activity
* listing of the members following you
* listing of the comics you read !

* possibility to create short url like
* possibility to upload custom background
* more advanced blogging features



And this is just the start, more exciting new are coming in the next weeks ! Keep in touch !

☆☆☆ The Amilova Team☆☆☆


☆ Nü : custom space for each comic!

Published on 01/19/2012

Hello ;)

The Amilova Team is happy to present you a nice news for the artists of the community !
It is now possible to customize the page presenting your comic !
As an anthor you can now
* use a short url "" !
* customize the background !
* add a picture of you and write a word about your comic !

Examples being better than long talks, below are the first comics that have been fully completed :) !

Amilova : artworks

Amilova : Fan Art

Aux Armes

Bienvenidos a República Gada

Doodling Around

Fireworks Detective

Food Attack

Fruits perdus

Full Moon



Itai Tenshi

KAMO Mystère noir

Level 53


No Future


Run 8



Zack et les anges de la route

And this is just the start, more exciting new are coming in the next weeks ! Keep in touch !

☆☆☆ The Amilova Team☆☆☆

Amazon is now available in Brazilian Portuguese!

Published on 01/13/2012

Dear community,

Our project is growing more and more with each day. Now we have decided to break yet another major language barrier and help the Brazilian community come into its own!

In other words, is now launching in Brazilian Portuguese!

To change the language all you have to do is click on the Brazilian flag (on the top left corner). At this point the website and a big part of the comics/manga are still available only in European Portuguese, but our Diogenes Mota is now translating the interface of the site in Brazilian Portuguese. We would like to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his much appreciated help, thanks to which the entire Brazilian community will finally be able to take full advantage of all features on the site!

Dear community, if you would like you could help us too! We wish to kindly ask your cooperation in helping us with the translation of the comics and mangas available on the site. Each of you can use our translation interface to make changes to the existing version in European Portuguese and translate it into Brazilian Portuguese.

We would be most grateful for your participation and your help!

Well, have a great time on and feel free to drop us a line and let us know what you think of the website and the comics!

From the Amilova Team!

☆♪ ♫ Happy new year !

Published on 01/04/2012

The Amilova Team wishes you a splendid happy, happy new year! 2011 was a good start for Amilova... 2012 will be amazing ;) !!!
We should launch officially the V1 before spring... stay tuned for more Happy Amilova Days :)!
☆☆☆ The Amilova Team☆☆☆

☆ Merry Christmas ♥

Published on 12/23/2011

The Team whishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year !

2011 has been a crazy year for those that have been there at the beginning can witness it !

December 2010, had just been put online. At that time you could only read Amilova, Dragon Piece, Magical Fami, Ocean Chapter et Black Wars. The site was super basic and there was around 15 visitors per day !

Decembre 2011, has evolved ;).
Over 200 quality comics published in all languages more than 120 of them are available in english, the other are from all over the world... but mainly Spain, Bulgaria, France and Japan !
Over 15000members, with nearly 1000 very very active members! An average of 5000visitors and 50 000pageview per day! Quickly growing english speaking and spanish speaking communities !
The website offers now a lot of possiblities, some of them like "participative translation" being exclusive to!

It is yet a very modest start, and the road to success is still very long.
2011 has proved that we are able to build the basis of the Project. And the positive reactions of the artists and the readers... YOUR reactions... are proving that we are right and encouraging us to continue on this way!


We will continue to innovate everywhere, as much as we can!
Being artists or readers... we will continue to give our maximum to bring you the best, to surprise you !

RDV Beginning or 2012 for more happy days and new adventures! Until then, have fuuun!

☆☆☆ The Amilova Team☆☆☆

The team Amilova is participating in huge events this December

Published on 12/07/2011

We are proud to announce that the team Amilova is participating in two huge events this December!

*** 17th Annual Charity Bazaar in Sofia (Bulgaria)***

This year, Amilova took part in the annual Charity Bazaar, organized by the International Women’s Club of Sofia (IWC).

This is the 17th time that IWC organised the event and, as usual, it was very successful. More than 50 countries with over 70 stands participated.

The Bazaar provided an opportunity for countries and groups to proudly showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, clothing and literature.

Amilova team offered around 100 of our books autographed by our atists! The books were available at the stand of France.

The Bazaar continued all day on December 4 and was well attended by individuals and families alike. All proceeds will be used to support charity projects throughout Bulgaria.

All the Amilova team would like to express its sincere gratitude for the invitation to IWC!

*** Sofia International Book Fair ***

Since 1968, the Sofia International Book Fair invites publishers to present their newest titles and hottest authors at the grand National Palace of Culture. Accompanying events include seminars, exhibitions, presentations, concerts and discussions.

This year, Amilova is participating in the event as well. Our books are available at the stand of the French Cultural Institute which we are thankful for the invitation!

And this Saturday, December 10, we will organize a workshop about how to create manga and comics! All the artists are invited!

☆What's been new the past 2 months :) ?

Published on 12/02/2011

The Amilova's competition is on its 6th week
Support your favorite authors by voting here :

Hémisphères, RUN8 and Amilovaare printed and available on Amazon ! For now just in french... but you can still buy them for the pleasure of it :)

And lots of other good news these last 2 months !!!


* Everyday new talented artists are joining Amilova ! Recently we welcomed a lot of japanese, spanish, portuguese and russian artists !

* Now you can see all the comics available in your language and use lots of filters options :

* An amazing community of translators
Thanks to the help of kind translators, dozen of comics have been translated in many beautiful languages ! For example, Amilova and Hemispheres are now available in more than 10 languages ! All languages are possible don't hesitate to offer your help! We'd love to have comics translated in russian, chinese, hebrew, klingon, elfic, arabic... and any other :)


* The english and spanish speaking communities are getting more and more dynamic and friendly and nice ! Go ahead and participate too ;).

*** VIDEO GAME IN BETA 0.83 !***

Slowly we're progressing on the game !
New map, new characters, new challenges ;). This JUST the beginning ;).


* Television Maritima TV made a reportage on Amilova, the vidéo is here :

* ON the convention 'Japan Expo Centre', Furo et Mimi from Studio Takoyaki have presented their manga RUN8 and have been interviewed, video is there :

* Interview on the radio of Troy one of Amilova's creators :
SOON INTERVIEWS AND VIDEOS IN ENGLISH :) ? We hope, we speak english, don't hesitate to contact us ;).


Ow to support the project ?

** spread the word around you :

* Share on Facebook

* Share on Twitter :!/amilova

** Have fun on the Amazon shop for christmas :) :

** Become Premium member :

** Participate to the community and vote for the competition!


We're working on a mobile version, on Android and Iphone application, on the video game, on book 2 and 3 of Amilova and Hemispheres, on our participation to conventions JapanExpo in Marseille and Paris for 2012, on the overall improvement of to open the V.1... and many other cool things ;).

Thanks for following us, for supporting us, for reading us ;)!

☆☆☆ The Amilova Team ☆☆☆

♥ Books finally on sale on Amazon :) !!!

Published on 11/01/2011

The 1st books are AT LAST available on Amazon!!!
Books can be ordered from all Europe! Ok for now it's only the french versions that are available... but it's where it begins ;).




If you appreciate the Amilova.Com project, if you like the artists published online, if you want that the adventure continues and more brilliant authors are published... please support the project by buying the albums :)!!!!

Thanks for your support!!!

☆☆☆Amilova Team☆☆☆!/amilovafans

☆a week full of emotions !

Published on 10/28/2011

Hello !

Competition has started 2 weeks ago, the 1st round revealed the 1st rankings ! The community is boiling, some are happy, some are fighting to improve !
Do you think it's normal that there are only french artists in the top 15 of the competition ? Well, you decide by voting ;).

Appart from that :
* now comics are displayed in 650pixels wide, not 600pixels anymore. It's better more comfortable for reading dialogs :) !

* lots of new artists new comics ! Some of them are on the Japanese side well for now you need to understand japanese, but soon they'll be translated ;).

And a lot of new cool things coming ! New comics, new mangas, new artists !!! The video game is totally changing ! And in 10 days books will be available on Amazon, yay :) !!!

Thanks for your support... please continue reading, commenting, and spread the word around you !!!

Have a nice weekend !

* the Amilova Team*

Competition has started !

Published on 10/14/2011

Well, it actually really starts tonight at 00h00 :).

Nearly 100 artists participating to the competition... WOW that's amazing :) !!! Such a success with quality AND quantity... we're super happy !

And this is just the beginning ;). We hope there will be soon more french comics translated to english... and more english comics translated to french ;).

If you have ANY questions concerning the competition... please ask on the message board ;).

1000 thanks to the artists participating, and to the fans supporting them by commenting, liking, sharing, translating and... voting :).

Competition has not started yet, don't panic :) !

Published on 10/06/2011

We're currently testing the voting system. It's in BETA, informations displayed are not real and ranking will be rested the 14th ;). It's just that it's better to test in "real size" before the competition starts ;). More info there :

Competition D -15 ♥ ! Inscriptions H -7 but...

Published on 09/30/2011

... but after many many requests, you can still send your candidature to until the 12th of October !

Competition still starts the 15th of october, this time it's for real ;) !

  • You needed more time to present your art ? You have 10days bonus !
  • Your comic has not been accepted ? You have 10 more days to present it again after reworking your pages. We suggest you to present your pages on the message board so you can get more feedback from the artists and the members, and you will know what and how to improve.
  • Your comic has been accepted ? Hourrrah you rock !!! It means it's great AND it has been sent on time, awesome ;) !!!

There's already more than 100 artists participating !
Over 80 comics are on, nearly 40 of them are being translated in english... soon there will be more comics translated thanks to our kind community !
The competition sounds exciting ;).

Well since were at it, some fresh news :) !

  • the collaborative translation interface has greatly improved, now you can suggest translations and improvement very easily, suggest your own language for any comic, vote for the best translations ;).
  • soon our books will be available on Amazon ! Amilova, Hémisphères and RUN8 will be there before the end of october ;).
  • the video game Amiloverse is going to improve brutally, you'll be amazed ;).
  • and lots and lots of cool stuff coming ;) !

Amilova is going to celebrate its 1st year ! Everything we do is done FOR and THANKS to you !!! This is just the beginning... your support is what is pushing us to move forward ;) !!!

See you soon on the message board and in the comments ;)

***** Amilova Team*****

♥ New design + game preview !!

Published on 06/08/2011

Yes yes ! The new design we've been working on like crazy is at last online !!! And it looks awesome, right :) ?

Ah and we're also working on many other stuff... including a super cool video game :) !!!
Have a look at the game's preview there :

As you can see we're working like crazy to provide all the best ! The best comics, the best community, the best site, the best game !!!

Looking forward to read your satisfaction on the message board, the comments, on facebook, twitter... EVERYWHERE :) !

We're showing everyday how much we love and respect you dear reader and member of Amilova... so don't be shy and don't hesitate to also show us your love and passion :) !!!

And the best is coming :) !

Thanks for your support ;) !!

♥ Amilova ♥

Welcome to ze Piratesourcil ♥ !!!

Published on 05/27/2011

We welcome the excellently scarily funny stories of the Piratesourcil !

For those who don't know the Piratesourcil (EyebrowPirate, got it ?) this guy is a superstar in France. Between 2 jetset parties and 1 meeting with the president, he took the time to come on ♥ !

Now thanks to Ax-Kun that translates from french to english, you have the chance of reading PirateSourcil in english !!!

Well, everything starts here...

you're the first happy few reading it in english... so be happy and leave cool comments :) !!! ♥♥♥♥

First book printed !!!

Published on 04/28/2011

Finally our first book is edited :) !!! Amilova team proudly introduces her first baby: Amilova Volume 1! A wonderful first book, designed with passion and care, printed on quality paper! 104 pages A4 B & W, paper 150g, hardback

So many emotions! We finally can handle the fruit of all this passion!

"It's great, unbelievable, fantastic, I want one of these fabulous books in my collection! How can I get a copy:)? "

Good question dear fan, thank you for asking! It's simple:). For the moment, two options:

*** visit us at the Japan Expo:)! The JEX, happening in Paris in late June , is where we'll be in Amilova’s stand with thousands of nice comics! On our stand you will meet the team of Amilova! Designers will distribute dedications! Troy will do antics!

*** win one of many contests we are preparing! A little patience, it’s coming!

The entire team thanks you for your support :) ! Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments ;) ! Continue to support us, this is just the beginning of the adventure!

♥ ♥ The team Amilova

PS: Below you can find some pictures!

Troy happy:)!

Happy Droopy :) !

The beginning of the bar scene :) ! Printed, it is sublime!

Several open books :) !

The bonus pages featuring the Island Rocks!

Hemispheres with bonus pages!

The bonus pages featuring Dragon Bros!

At last ! Full screen reader ♥Beta 0.75 ♥

Published on 03/17/2011

We've been working hard to provide you what you are waiting for : a cool full screen reader for Amilova's comics ! It's still in beta, but it's working and cool ! We've prefered to present you something cool and working - yet not perfect- as soon as possible, rather than make you wait weeks before using the perfect version :). Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do :) ! A lot of new things coming... new comics, new features... and surprises :). V 1.0 will be released end of april... expect the unexpected :) ! Thanks for reading us, thanks for your support :) !


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