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Competion Results

Published on 2012-03-16

The results

The big winner! Supported by Fans AND the Jury !
Congratulations to Ibi for his years of efforts and his talent !!!

"Lapin et Tortue" will soon be published in 1000 copies, and Ibi will receive a grant of 1000 euros !

lapin et tortue
To read Lapin et Tortue, click here
**2: ONLY TWO !
Congratulations to Jérome !

Only Two will be soon published in 500 copies. And Jérome will receive a grant of 500 euros !

Only Two
To read Only Two, click here
Congratulations to Eskhar, she will receive a grant of 100 euros !

To read Psychomantium, click here

The top 15

Congratulations to the artists of the top15 who have been supported by readers and by the Jury !
All works in the top15 will soon be published in a special book !
  • 4: Food Attack
  • 5: Human Puppets
  • 6: Etat des lieux
  • 7: Enemy inside
  • 8: Full Moon
  • 9: Sasori
  • 10: Bishop's Normal Adventures
  • 11: Dragon Scream
  • 12: ARKHAM
  • 13: Dark Eagle
  • 14: Apple strength
  • 15: Réflexions Affligeantes

Special Prize of the jury

Special prize for the comic "Les 3 Mousquetaires" that has been much appreciated by the jury. The poor amount of votes from the readers gave him a bad ranking so it can't be in the Top 15, but we want this book to be part of the special book too !

Top 30 / Grades / Comments

Below is the TOP30.
Comments and grades on these works will be given individually to the artists that will contact by private message TroyB. Only by private message, and only if asked by the concerned artist, these informations will not be published and will remain private.
  • 17: Oscar Fé
  • 18: Retro Futur
  • 19: Imperfect
  • 20: SethXFaye
  • 21: Mythes et Légendes
  • 22: Trois Mousquetaires
  • 23: Aka-chan
  • 24: Irène et les Heimdalls
  • 25: The Eye of Poseidon
  • 26: Nolan
  • 27: Fireworks Detective
  • 28: Coeur d'Aigle
  • 29: Cupidon Boy
  • 30: La Légende des dragons

Big thanks and... What's next ?

When will the books be published? Soon.

When is the next competition? Soon, depending on the success of this first competition. Did artist enjoy it? Did reader enjoy it? Answers to these questions will have a great influence on what is coming next.

Big big thanks to the readers, the jury and the artists !

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