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☆ Merry Christmas ♥

Published on 2011-12-23

The Team whishes you a merry christmas and a happy new year !

2011 has been a crazy year for those that have been there at the beginning can witness it !

December 2010, had just been put online. At that time you could only read Amilova, Dragon Piece, Magical Fami, Ocean Chapter et Black Wars. The site was super basic and there was around 15 visitors per day !

Decembre 2011, has evolved ;).
Over 200 quality comics published in all languages more than 120 of them are available in english, the other are from all over the world... but mainly Spain, Bulgaria, France and Japan !
Over 15000members, with nearly 1000 very very active members! An average of 5000visitors and 50 000pageview per day! Quickly growing english speaking and spanish speaking communities !
The website offers now a lot of possiblities, some of them like "participative translation" being exclusive to!

It is yet a very modest start, and the road to success is still very long.
2011 has proved that we are able to build the basis of the Project. And the positive reactions of the artists and the readers... YOUR reactions... are proving that we are right and encouraging us to continue on this way!


We will continue to innovate everywhere, as much as we can!
Being artists or readers... we will continue to give our maximum to bring you the best, to surprise you !

RDV Beginning or 2012 for more happy days and new adventures! Until then, have fuuun!

☆☆☆ The Amilova Team☆☆☆

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