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First book printed !!!

Published on 2011-04-28

Finally our first book is edited :) !!! Amilova team proudly introduces her first baby: Amilova Volume 1! A wonderful first book, designed with passion and care, printed on quality paper! 104 pages A4 B & W, paper 150g, hardback

So many emotions! We finally can handle the fruit of all this passion!

"It's great, unbelievable, fantastic, I want one of these fabulous books in my collection! How can I get a copy:)? "

Good question dear fan, thank you for asking! It's simple:). For the moment, two options:

*** visit us at the Japan Expo:)! The JEX, happening in Paris in late June , is where we'll be in Amilova’s stand with thousands of nice comics! On our stand you will meet the team of Amilova! Designers will distribute dedications! Troy will do antics!

*** win one of many contests we are preparing! A little patience, it’s coming!

The entire team thanks you for your support :) ! Thank you for reading, thank you for your comments ;) ! Continue to support us, this is just the beginning of the adventure!

♥ ♥ The team Amilova

PS: Below you can find some pictures!

Troy happy:)!

Happy Droopy :) !

The beginning of the bar scene :) ! Printed, it is sublime!

Several open books :) !

The bonus pages featuring the Island Rocks!

Hemispheres with bonus pages!

The bonus pages featuring Dragon Bros!

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