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Beta 0.7 ♥♥♥ !

Published on 03/09/2011

Now every comic has its own presentation page ! A beautiful "landing page" gathering all the cool infos about each comic !

Beta 0.65 online \o/ \o/ \o/

Published on 03/03/2011

Lots of new features and improvements ! * new comic reader, more optimised :) * new display of informations about comics and their authors ! And a lot more to come soon :). Member profiles, comics profiles, games... it's coming :). Thanks for your patience and your support :) !

Beta 0.6 open :) !

Published on 02/18/2011

From Beta 0.5 to beta 0.6 ! New design, new features ! Specially on the language switching. Everything is going to continue evolve, stay tuned ;).

20000th visitor, yay !

Published on 01/27/2011

1 month old and already 20000 different people have read our adventures, that's a great start :). We're working hard every day to make the site better and more enjoyable ! Some news : * all the comics are now available in english. Portuguese, spanish and italian versions are coming. BTW if you can help us translate our comics in your language, please contact us :) ! * new cool features for commenting, Ploking and all :). * Amilova adventures are released regularly... 1 page per day, 5 pages per week !!! Thanks for your support, continue reading us, please leave comments and feedback it's always appreciated :) !!! More good things coming soon !!!

Beta : official release :) !

Published on 01/14/2011

Yay ! The beta version is officially released ! On the recent updates menu : * the "Amilova" comic has 5 new pages per week! Ok, not all of them translated in english, be patient... or if you speak english and french, help us :) * lots of new comics. Most of them in french. Same thing, if you can help us, you are super méga welcome :). * lost of new features, you can suscribe to news / comments feeds, yay !!! A LOT of things to come... be patient and support us by reading us... and if you can offer some help for translation, yay would be so great :).

Happy New year !!!

Published on 01/04/2011

The Amilova team wishes you a happy healthy groovy new year ! May 2011 bring you all the best !!! We are currently working hard on releasing new comics in english... please stay tuned, incredible stuff are coming ;) !!

Welcome on the site!

Published on 11/05/2010

Hello ! This is Amilova, and I'm proudly showing you the best online comics !


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