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☆a week full of emotions !

Published on 2011-10-28

Hello !

Competition has started 2 weeks ago, the 1st round revealed the 1st rankings ! The community is boiling, some are happy, some are fighting to improve !
Do you think it's normal that there are only french artists in the top 15 of the competition ? Well, you decide by voting ;).

Appart from that :
* now comics are displayed in 650pixels wide, not 600pixels anymore. It's better more comfortable for reading dialogs :) !

* lots of new artists new comics ! Some of them are on the Japanese side well for now you need to understand japanese, but soon they'll be translated ;).

And a lot of new cool things coming ! New comics, new mangas, new artists !!! The video game is totally changing ! And in 10 days books will be available on Amazon, yay :) !!!

Thanks for your support... please continue reading, commenting, and spread the word around you !!!

Have a nice weekend !

* the Amilova Team*

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