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Hello to all I am Gumi-Chan and most of my comics and manga and zenzs are from my fantasies and emagination and experiances I have in my day dreams or night mares or life. I hope to be one of the best and get to the top on what i do best (which is draw like a pro) the man on the left of this intro is my one and only the Ace Spades (♠), also known as Ken Otani.

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My manga is being hard to finish ....i wish i could have a better name for the bad guy in the story >. <



oldee version of ace


when she gets to her 20s


Chapter: 1 page: 9


I have 15 pages of manga to be modified and edited does anyone want to help?


what time does everyone get on here . post your times please ^.^


im a skinless colored type of drawer, fashion on the character is my motive and facial expressions for me are perfection to the extreme, color on the characters skin is not my specialty but it shows my style


Show us some art if possible :)


notice each character have different styles i can draw in any way ^.^. Please pick which one you followers think is better for the final manga ^.^


just drew her, her name is Meimei Spade


in the side where the long strand of hair is is where the pink and green dye will be and everything else on her hair will be pure black


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