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TroyB 41

Cool comic one page per week is the release pace?

TroyB 05/14/2012 11:22:51   
Riff 13 1

Yes. Every Monday.

Riff 13 05/15/2012 06:11:03   
Jesus4U 6

I agree, it is a cool comic.

Been following it for a about a month already, and I'm liking it.

Jesus4U 05/15/2012 18:01:32   
Riff 13 1

And here's the last page in Chapter 1: Arrival. I don't know. Starting a project is always the easy part i think. and I still think of this as the beginning because I had the full script for this written out even before I drew the first page. And then started redrawing them after I already had 18 pages drawn.

See I originally intended for this to be a black and white comic, but realized that coloring is actually one of my strengths and I was limiting myself if I only did color on the chapter covers.

So yeah, this feels like it's been a long time coming. I hope you'll stick around for what's next.

Riff 13 06/15/2012 04:09:57   
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