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TroyB 41

I like the evolution of your story, it's cool... and for a change, there's a lot to read .

TroyB 04/22/2012 00:21:58   
Riff 13 1

LOL! Yeah, character exposition, Gotta love it!

Thanks though, but don't worry sparks will be flying soon enough.

Riff 13 04/22/2012 01:00:17   
Riff 13 1

And here we have the classic 9 panel grip. a favorite page layout of many comic book authors like Alan Moore.

In all actuality though, when I do try to figure out my page layout I generally start with a 9 panel grid. Comics are not just about words placed over art. the main point of the medium is to tell a story, or a joke or whatever. Therefore the art and the words have to work together seamlessly. I just find it easier to start with a very basic structure and then expand from there if I need to. However the page still needs to be easy to read. And since I'm an American and working in the western style, we read left to right.

The only other rule i have as far as drawing a page goes it this: I don't care how good the art is or how great the layout is, if the reader can't intuitively follow the page I've failed at drawing that page.

For as beautiful as his art is; I find that J.H. Williams breaks that rule a lot in Batwoman. In my opinion at least.

Riff 13 06/15/2012 04:02:07   
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