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death_cookie 4

poor Lucas

death_cookie 02/19/2012 12:00:28   
YonYonYon 6

death_cookie said:poor Lucas what he's going to do! o3o

YonYonYon 02/19/2012 18:04:55   
death_cookie 4

run? or hide? :question:

death_cookie 02/19/2012 18:49:03   
YonYonYon 6

death_cookie said:run? or hide? definitely run! and then hide xD

YonYonYon 02/21/2012 20:17:26   
demonofcha 1

lol didnt see that coming

demonofcha 02/20/2012 19:20:55   
death_cookie 4

demonofcha said:lol didnt see that coming
I did, there was somthing suspicious abauot his appearance with all these bandage

death_cookie 02/21/2012 11:29:47   
aeonstorm 1

when is this supposed to be updated?

aeonstorm 02/22/2012 18:27:03   
death_cookie 4

comic? nobody knows, when YonYonYon wants

death_cookie 02/22/2012 19:40:43   
typingty 2

wat da fuk was that

typingty 03/14/2013 23:20:13   
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The Heart of Earth

The Heart of Earth: cover




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Original Language: English

Type : Comics

Genre : Fantasy - SF

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