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Amilova : manga cover

The incredible adventures of Amilova, a teenage girl that discovers her Fire Super Powers ! Action, magic, mysteries, love and humor... A show full of emotions!

Hi I'm Troy . I'm one of the admin of, but also scenarist of the manga Amilova . Amilova has been published since 2010... hope you'll enjoy the evolution of our serie .

Cartoonist :

Scenarist : and

Translator : , and

Colorist : and

Original Language : Français

Updated on : On hold

Genre : Action

Type : manga
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Ebooks Amilova available from 0.5
Chapitre 1 - Ebook noir et blanc : Volume 1
Volume 1
Chapitre 1 - Ebook noir et blanc

Format : PDF
Pages : 44
Weight : 26.5MB
Price : 0.5€

Chapitre 1 - couleur  : Volume 1
Volume 1
Chapitre 1 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 44
Weight : 19.1MB
Price : 1€

Chapitre 2 - couleur  : Volume 2
Volume 2
Chapitre 2 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 48
Weight : 19.2MB
Price : 1€

Chapitre 3 - couleur  : Volume 3
Volume 3
Chapitre 3 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 76
Weight : 30.3MB
Price : 1€

Chapitre 4 - couleur  : Volume 4
Volume 4
Chapitre 4 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 91
Weight : 41.3MB
Price : 2€

Chapitre 5 - couleur  : Volume 5
Volume 5
Chapitre 5 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 27
Weight : 11.5MB
Price : 1.5€

Chapitre 6 - couleur  : Volume 6
Volume 6
Chapitre 6 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 12
Weight : 4.6MB
Price : 0.5€

Chapitre 7 - couleur  : Volume 7
Volume 7
Chapitre 7 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 23
Weight : 9.0MB
Price : 1€

Chapitre 8 - couleur  : Volume 8
Volume 8
Chapitre 8 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 22
Weight : 9.3MB
Price : 0.9€

Chapitre 9 - couleur  : Volume 9
Volume 9
Chapitre 9 - couleur

Format : PDF
Pages : 14
Weight : 5.3MB
Price : 0.9€

Chapitre 10 - noir et blanc : Volume 10
Volume 10
Chapitre 10 - noir et blanc

Format : PDF
Pages : 13
Weight : 3.2MB
Price : 1€

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20251 Comments on the pages of Amilova

Ouroboros Ouroboros 1May ch10 p27 I just noticed these pages where still not open to the English puplic, fixed that.
Ouroboros Ouroboros 1May ch4 p57 This page was a bitch to translate in dutch. I get the feeling the first buble original doesn't talk about her avoiding the elect (...)
Tarantio Tarantio 13Jan ch1 p1 Le design promet des l'ouverture.. digne des BD vu à la Fnac
Ouroboros Ouroboros 8Oct ch9 p5 Or he was a clone with enhanced growth
Ouroboros Ouroboros 26Sep ch4 p45 And here i thought the dutch translation was finished... There is still a lot to do...
flame king flame king 14Sep ch1 p1 hallo
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch10 p10 I don't want to go to far until the english version is released, so I will stop and come back later.
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch10 p3 Lyal reminds me of the guy who piloted Big O, in the series "Big O!"
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch10 p2 I understand not letting anyone experiment on you from a smart perspective. I would rather die young and of my own accord than to (...)
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch9 p8 I saw a guy in black kung fu clothing or something.
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch9 p8 Not the manga convention! No oh god why!
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch9 p5 25? He looks old but besides that, he is also a 15 year old commander. That would mean that he was 10 when he became an commander. (...)
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch8 p1 No english comments? I get to be the first one? Well, let me just say that this picture is creepy, but I like it.
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch7 p22 It looks as though it might be something like the machine the frost demons legion used to heal from serious injuries. On the other (...)
TDBanimefan TDBanimefan 24Aug ch4 p98 This manga is amazing the reason I am going to subscribe. Gogeta Jr. if you ever reading this, I admire your work in DBM and I hea (...)

20251 comments in other languages.

Kuromi Kuromi 15Mar ch2 p22 Heiiin ? Quel bracelet ?
Kuromi Kuromi 15Mar ch2 p9 J'ai envie de regarder Resident evil mtn ._.
Kuromi Kuromi 15Mar ch1 p6 OMG BG
najat najat 2Mar ch10 p27 salut mog,j'ai une petite question stp,si t'as vu mon commentaire
mog mog 28Jan ch10 p27 Non seulement il n'y a pas de suite, mais apparament, les auteurs ne semblent même pas l'annoncer.
Goomba Goomba 26Jan ch10 p26 pas de suite ?
Carlitos-chin Carlitos-chin 22Jan ch7 p10 El chico se parece a Gohan y la mujer a Califa de One Piece xD
Carlitos-chin Carlitos-chin 22Jan ch6 p7 Y aquí acabó Amilova :D
Carlitos-chin Carlitos-chin 22Jan ch6 p4 Brfbfbfbfffbfbbfbfbfbrbfbrf
Tarantio Tarantio 13Jan ch1 p4 j'aime bien ces impressions de vitesse C'est bien une fille.. toujours en retard.. lol
Plogia Plogia 10Jan ch1 p1 Dommage que ce soit un manga d'action. Moi qui espèrer autre chose ! Mais à part ça, les dessins sont très réussi, et me font pens (...)
macheeldren macheeldren 9Jan ch1 p21 OMG ( O.O)
Chajiro Chajiro 28Dec ch10 p14 Los dibujos y las perspectivas están espectaculares.
Chajiro Chajiro 28Dec ch10 p13 Grandote: "¡¿Crees que eso sirve de algo ante mí?!
Chajiro Chajiro 28Dec ch10 p12 Leila:"Ambos tienen una increíble agilidad..." "...Combinada con grandes habilidades de combate, son muy buenos..."

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TroyB New Topic! 3Sep Hispanic Amilova collaboration project 2 Excellent ! Thanks for sharing your art with us ! These creations are all very interesting ! Troy
Koragg New Topic! 4Aug Amilova Hall of Fame You're welcome, the Immortal ! ^_^
Pink_Marionette New Topic! 4Apr All comics - Invincible (We Don't Die) - Invincible & Amilova in NEO Magazine! :) Thanks Troy! And, you're most welcome ^_^ ♪
evajung New Topic! 13Oct "TIMING ISSUES" in Amilova JohanDark Comics. Thanks for your trust. Will get on it first thing. :cool:
SAMUS=ALLAN New Topic! 9Oct Amilova new version : infos teasers ! it changes page so fast i dont see the background image XD Lol so true :). Well done guys this new version is a real improvement (...)
Guildadventure New Topic! 7Jun Fanart competition for Amilova Book 3 ! Good :D
ivy-mitsuno New Topic! 1Jun Amilova Bump 2 > Cover Artworks in progress !!! sweet perspective :3
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Dethbeast666 New Topic! 31Dec Amilova Wikia That sounds fun. I wish you success. Thnx man
TroyB New Topic! 12Dec Amilova at the Sofia International Book Fair: photos It was indeed really fun ;). There are on these pictures 7 artists publishing comics on will you recognize them :-D (...)
babee New Topic! 8Dec (FanART)Amilova VS Raul and...Jaume?! Nice and funny :). Troy Thanks Troy ;) It´s nice! and funny to, I agreed! :)

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