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#1 23 Apr, 2012 13:17:25


No, the V1 is not a chimera, it will be available really soon!
We are working on it as quickly as possible: while improving the site and correcting bugs, we also add new features that bring us closer and closer to the final release of Amilova V1. For sure, you have already seen the introduction of "The Amilova Collective" and the new subscription packages Premium and Platinium. So stay tuned, this is just the beginning wink

And at the same time, we are working to make our comic/manga books catalogue much richer and varied. So a lot of new books will be presented for the first time at the Japan Expo Paris!!!

We are pleased and proud to present you the series and the artists that are part of "The Amilova Collective"!
The artists of the Amilova Collective publish exclusively on our site 20 new pages every month! So, every day you could enjoy a new page of Amilova, Arkham Roots, Dark Eagle, Food Attack, Full Moon, Hemispheres, Imperfect, Living the Dream Life of a Teacher and RUN8!

And the most important is that the artists of the Amilova Collective are under contract and are paid to publish their series on the site. They are paid in advance, but they also receive a percentage of books sales, of subscription packages sales, of advertising profits. becomes a true cross-media publisher providing traditional books but also digital contents and collaborative publishing platform!


SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES AND FAIR TRADE COMICS pays royalties in advance and shares with the authors of the collective the incomes of their audience in an equitable way. This is precisely the concept of FAIR TRADE COMICS that we wanted to implement since the beginning of our project, concept in which the focus is on the welfare of the artist!

Well, if our authors are paid, logically we need to have incomes to pay to them. The site's revenues principally come from subscriptions.
However, we want to maintain a balance between free and paid content, because we believe that readers would like to subscribe because they want to have fun on and support our authors, not because they are forced to.
So, the "free membership" readers keep access to the majority of the site pages and content.

We offer three subscription packages:

  • Weekly: Curious

  • Monthly: Premium

  • Annual: Platinium.

Every subscription gives access to exclusive pages of the series of The Amilova Collective Authors, to archives and to additional options for a more pleasant reading experience.


JAPAN EXPO PARIS: from July 5 to 8, 2012!
This is the news of the day!
This year, the Amilova team will once again participate in Japan Expo Paris! We hope we will meet all of you there!

On our stand, we will present for the first time our brand new comic/manga books Amilova tome 3, Hemispheres tome 3, Run8 tome 2, Dragon Bros Z tome 2... and a lot of other surprises!

Some of our artists will be there for book signings... We will give you all the details ASAP wink.

We will also organize a special contest ... but we'll talk about it soon, for now it is still a secret!

If you want to contribute to the success of Amilova at Japan Expo Paris and to help us with to organize the event, to do animation on the stand... please feel free to contact me or leave comments under this post.


Gangstas and Paradise

An amazing shonen manga created by the Indonesian artist nilanandita! Welcome to the age of vice, Kali Yuga. The age when human civilization has been brainwashed into the depraved lifestyle of the profligate greed of money, while most people who have power have thoughts of murder with no justification and see nothing wrong in that. At this age, many saints said that the "Supreme God" will appear as the chastiser known as Kalki, who is destined to destroy the evil reign ruled by the "Queen of Demons: Kali", in order to save the world. But in reality, the true demon is living in human hearts, intangible and not as clearly-personified as the "solid" form called Kali. Does it mean that what Kalki intends to destroy, is humanity itself?

You could start reading here.

Central Yuniverse

A beautifully colored series with manga influences created by French artist Christophe Cointault! The story is a a combination of action and humor.
Central Yuniverse... nobody knows the existence of this world but some are already dreaming of reaching it. General Scarg beleaves that he has found a way to connect this world to ours. The problem is that no normal human being would survive the "journey" as it was designed...

You could start reading here.

Hot Dog

A humorous cyberpunk romp revolving around a futuristic motocross/dog race set in a dystopian world. The offbeat art and story come courtesy of Russian designer/artist Roman Yakovlev. A really amazing and beautiful work!

You could start reading here.

We need your support more than ever!
If you like Amilova, Run 8, Hemispheres, Super Dragon Bros Z, now you could purchase volumes 1 and 2 on Make your friends a present, start your collection!



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