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Bellatrice 33

Nice the horns !

Bellatrice 10/17/2014 10:23:19   
Guildadventure 31

The Kuromovil is related to some spanish monster hunter clans.

Important information!, I have finally finished my website!, after months of fighting, you can now read all my comics (Ga, My little eve, gamergate life) on two languages, check a big setting destription of Robukan, my artworks, fanarts from fans, my videos, vote the next monster hunter drawing or you can check the store for commissions or my new comic Monster girls on tour

MGoT it's a Spin off from Guild adventure telling the story of how the team pariah was born. If you like the monster girls K'sara, Europa, ticTic and DunDun, you can have this 20 page adventure for 2 euro on the store

Guildadventure 12/06/2014 02:55:05   
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