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Smiley 8

WHAT THE !@#*!(@#*!(@)#*!()@#!*() i clicked FOLLOW THIS COMIC BY E-MAIL and i got none...i think i accidently unsubscribe...oh and btw sorry for caps BUT I LOVE THIS COMIC AND MISSING IT MAKES ME "HEMISPHERE'S-SICK"...i mean i really want to see it

Smiley 11/02/2011 19:33:01   
Ouroboros 27

If only she payed more attention to Mineshafts weapon is it?

Axes is for cutting enemies hammers are for mashing bread.

get back to the kitchen! ^_- sorry couldn't resist

Ouroboros 11/02/2011 21:09:11   
Ouroboros 27

btw I think (can you "watch" my stuff) and (Can someone tell me what these symbols "are") would flow better

Ouroboros 11/02/2011 21:13:01   
Salagir 32

I'll take a note

Salagir 11/05/2011 14:53:53   
mcgrnwlf 8

X3 that's quite a delima

mcgrnwlf 11/03/2011 20:05:37   
Gothic Angel 3

Why hasn't she payed attention to mineshaft and lances weapon! She would no which bath to choose!

Gothic Angel 07/09/2014 21:29:09   
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