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Hyp3rB14d3 3

The best part about this page is the sign at the end. It's hilarious.

Hyp3rB14d3 01/13/2012 16:35:44   
Gothic Angel 3

Yes i so agree!

Gothic Angel 07/10/2014 20:03:52   
Ouroboros 28

If Freeza can survive this so can Lance. I don't worry

Ouroboros 01/13/2012 18:14:30   
Ouroboros 28

But what a blunder for does ninja girls there was nothing to confuse him with a pirate. "Yar, misses. We found that booty afterall. And shoreleave has just begun"

Ouroboros 01/13/2012 18:46:56   
forbes 10

double thanks

forbes 10/10/2012 22:59:45   
forbes 10

I need to wait for DSL to continue.
Black/white to color (grand kids)and they have a weird sense of humor. Later!

forbes 10/10/2012 23:09:37   
Eddie Nash 6

Too bad I can't read the rest because it's premium content.

Eddie Nash 07/10/2014 00:30:55   
Salagir 32

You can, for 5 euros, and this way you'll pay the authors, too

Salagir 07/12/2014 15:41:19   
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