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Salagir 32

Be careful about rumors !

Salagir 11/21/2011 08:29:08   
Ouroboros 27

Salagir said:Be careful about rumors !
Like that rumor when an elf loves a tree so much and are of diffrent gender Drayds are born?

Or that orcs are in reality just elves without make up?

Ouroboros 11/22/2011 00:09:01   
Salagir 32

Ah ah

Salagir 11/22/2011 08:45:58   
Nail Lizardman 1

or that hobbits are thieves,the dragons are aliens,the wizards are demons and humans can eat from night to dawn?

Nail Lizardman 11/22/2011 19:42:14   
Ouroboros 27

Or that a one night stand between a pixie and a vampire created one of the worsed series ever? ... sorry that a fact let my try again...

Or that Necromancers take the word boner n a compleet diffrent way?
Or that dwarves sprout from the ground and elvers from the air (most of these pointy eared freaks land on there head so we never now what a elf is thinking-- if at all)

Ouroboros 11/23/2011 00:16:05   
Salagir 32

Dragons are aliens? I knew it!

Salagir 11/23/2011 16:47:17   
johandark 34

... Freaks!! xDD amazing information I did not even heard in my life!!... I´m a bad freaky... xD

johandark 11/23/2011 01:50:00   
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