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Esteryn 33

Oh such a great comics and no one here to read it, you just don't know what you're missing on guys !!! READ THIS

PS. I think it's always "news" otherwise it means something else "new" (nouveau, neuf) vs news (infos, nouvelles) but again, better check with a native speaker (found this if it helps

Esteryn 12/27/2011 13:13:52   
forbes 10

'news' is proper for information.

forbes 10/10/2012 00:14:25   
Salagir 32

Added to the list of corrections

Salagir 10/10/2012 08:33:39   
forbes 10

As I think on it, change only if desired, call it 'dwarf speak' adds charm

forbes 10/17/2012 22:43:33   
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