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Bahamute 2

Nice page...
And, the sad truth about Internet

Bahamute 04/16/2011 17:52:24   
Salagir 32

Fixed font size
Remember this comic is in HD !

Salagir 04/16/2011 18:00:23   
LalgerienPOZ 2

Sur mangafox, la case en bas à gauche de cette page est en français!

LalgerienPOZ 02/21/2012 20:41:00   
TroyB 41

LalgerienPOZ said:Sur mangafox, la case en bas à gauche de cette page est en français!

Thanks for the info and the comment LalgerienPOZ, but here is the english side of the site so you have to write in english .
Si tu veux parler français, vas sur la partie fr... c'est la partie la plus dynamique d'Amilova, il y a beaucoup de gens sympas .
Ah and by the way, if you write arabic and want to help us translate some mangas in this beautiful language... don't hesitate

TroyB 02/21/2012 22:06:16   
LalgerienPOZ 2

Sorry but I don't speak arabic. For the difference between english and french side, I'll pay attention to that

LalgerienPOZ 02/23/2012 23:23:32   
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