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shicajacs 2

This page is not so good than other ones.. but it´s normal.. not every page has to be great... but it´s good... I will follow this comic.

shicajacs 05/14/2011 20:04:35   
Salagir 32

I loved it There are several gags in it, Gokû wanting his inheritance, and revelations about his mother, etc.

Salagir 05/15/2011 13:33:08   
gianna 4

Jajaja..Nice page!

gianna 05/15/2011 20:32:50   
Saran 1

I wanna know who is their mother. Will there be any backstory about that or it's gonna be the whole exact dbz story retold?

Saran 05/15/2011 20:41:26   
Hitsugaya 1

Do you plan any translation in other languages, like DBM ? It would be just splendid . I love the idea of worldwide help and positive participation of DBM !!!

Hitsugaya 05/16/2011 12:27:17   
Gaara 1

Waluigi !!! awesome !!!

Gaara 05/16/2011 12:33:44   
EpicMan 1

"a Plumber! The race of the strongest monkeys in the universe "

EpicMan 05/16/2011 15:35:53   
IchigoKurosaki 1

Plumbers are Monkeys, not Tanukis ? Weird, not logical according to Bros-Gohan Tanuki tail...

IchigoKurosaki 05/16/2011 16:23:04   
William Carrasco 2

IchigoKurosaki said:Plumbers are Monkeys, not Tanukis ? Weird, not logical according to Bros-Gohan Tanuki tail... thats what was wandering so shouldn't they be tanuki plumbers.:question:

William Carrasco 12/08/2011 00:57:49   
WilliamsAndy 1

The character’s shoes are in strange shapes, why are they wearing high boots

WilliamsAndy 03/12/2021 03:59:40   
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