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Ok it's official : That cat must have his own fanbase.

MALEM 04/07/2011 18:25:20   
Sool 15

MALEM said:Ok it's official : That cat must have his own fanbase.

"Gogeta's cats gallery" .
I like the fact that there's some kind of Symbiosis between Amilova and the Cat . It's cool, well done guys !

Sool 04/08/2011 08:27:58   
jdog 1

cats gonna kill the dad

jdog 04/08/2011 22:32:42   
Hoshi 1

jdog said:cats gonna kill the dad

It's really funny

Hoshi 04/09/2011 17:15:31   
Hoshi 1

I think It's Amilova's dream. Perhaps I am mistaken. Sorry for my english I'm from Poland ;P

Hoshi 04/09/2011 17:08:29   
gui19900221 3

Well, this is either Amilova dreaming or remembering. Either way, it sounds like her dad was really kind. That makes even more tragic that he died.

gui19900221 04/09/2011 21:17:45   
Sool 15

Can't wait for the new page !!!

Sool 04/11/2011 14:11:40   
Mara 1

Wowowow ... finally some life in that comics ... for me
Maybe I should try to read it again..give another chance to Amilova to make like comics in general

Mara 05/31/2011 09:18:38   
Esteryn 33

I just adore the image with the 3 characters running on it, this is all very cute and idealistic a family. If such a thing does exist, it should never end

Esteryn 09/25/2011 16:32:14   
SlicerInferno 1

hmm i wonder what happens to the cat

SlicerInferno 10/23/2011 03:08:35   
Tala Kahle 1

poor cat look at his face in the last slide lol

Tala Kahle 09/19/2013 20:01:05   
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