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A copycat ??? From a cat to a copycat funny stuff with that cat really.

MALEM 04/06/2011 18:45:03   
robelle 1

kind of bizzare face jajaja

robelle 04/06/2011 21:31:33   
Thegreatsaiyaman 3

That cat is giving off villainous vibes

Thegreatsaiyaman 04/12/2011 04:07:20   
hulkty 1

He does NOT act anywhere near how he looks. XD

hulkty 12/13/2011 03:34:23   
TroyB 41

hulkty said:He does NOT act anywhere near how he looks. XD

True, that's part of Papa Lova's powa !

TroyB 12/13/2011 13:15:19   
fusion13 2

And the cat still puts up with this.

fusion13 01/04/2012 21:44:21   
Madkarly 2

love the emotion expressed in their faces

Madkarly 11/12/2012 22:19:13   
TheDifferenceBetweenRightandRight 2

She looks like the cat...

TheDifferenceBetweenRightandRight 03/19/2013 15:46:07   
Tala Kahle 1

cat and girl think alike who knew?

Tala Kahle 09/19/2013 19:59:59   
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